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Why does Goku Hate Raditz so much?

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  • Why does Goku Hate Raditz so much?

    In the Saiyan saga Goku asked Krillin to spare Vegeta, despite all the terrible things vegeta had done. The things Raditz had done were tame compared to what Vegeta was doing, and yet Goku was like "Piccolo kill this guy, ill even hold him in place and die in the process, but just kill him!" You could say its because he posed such a threat, but heck Vegeta posed a big threat of coming back and killing everyone by letting him go, in fact he even made that exact threat after Krillin spared him. So..

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    Goku didn't hate Raditz, but he also didn't want to risk his son's life. Vegeta was spared because of the shape he was in.


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      I guess it's because with Kaioken and the other stuff he learned, Goku was confident he could beat Vegeta once more, whereas with Raditz, there wasn't much to do except kill him.

      Also it's because Goku had come to respect Vegeta even after all the things he did(tbf, he didn't do much. It was Nappa who killed Goku's friend and Son got his revenge), he even says "It's selfish of me but please let him live."
      Raditz, meanwhile, it wasn't really a honorable fight or anything. Goku had to team up with Piccolo and they were still losing.


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        There's a multitude of reasons, Goku did give Raditz a second chance when he grabbed his tail. However Raditz wasted that. There was also the fact that Raditz was monstrously more powerful and Goku had to give up his own life to put him down.


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          Others have given apt reasoning as to why Goku ultimately failed to show the same leniency to Raditz as he did Vegeta. It was his original intention to excuse Raditz and have him leave the planet. In fact, he insisted that Raditz do just that back when they first met on Roshi's island. The man received numerous warnings and stays of execution. How did he respond to such gestures? Well we saw it firsthand. Also, I guess you could argue that Raditz's insisted fraternity and his attempts to pervert Goku's mindset with startling revelations about the origins of their shared past and how they hail from a collective of amoral murderous barbarians might have distasted Goku. As he expressed it, he wanted nothing to do with Raditz's carnage-rendering trespasses across hapless worlds. If anything, it must have disgusted him that this stranger would try to appeal to some kind of predilective thirst for bloodshed. Goku might enjoy fighting but he prefers not to kill if he can help it and it's not something that he generally takes pleasure in (Tambourine being an exception). Maybe Goku disliked the notion of trying to blur the lines between fighting and bloodshed - even though they're very much capable of going hand-in-hand. It doesn't help that Raditz was compelling Goku to abandon the identity and life he had with the people he grew up around for some repugnant space pirating voyage.

          All of that is probably what set Raditz apart from Vegeta or Nappa. Unlike them, Raditz was trying to get under Goku's skin, so to speak; make him abandon his homeworld while in the process giving an ultimatum about the fate of his son if he didn't comply.


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            If Raditz was defeated the same way Vegeta was, Goku certainly would've let Raditz get away. At this point there were no options left with Piccolo having one attack left and Goku being extremely weak. Raditz still had a lot of power and could easily kill them all still. Goku didn't hate Raditz and don't forget, Goku did let go of Raditz's tail when Raditz said he'd peacefully leave the planet.


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              Keep in mind this is prior to the massive shift in Goku's characterization that happened in the Vegeta section of the Saiyan Saga. This is effectively still the Dragon Ball Goku who was the moral center of the group and was much more selfless and heroic than the "I wanna fight strong guys" Flanderization he got later in Z. This is very evident in how Goku specifically says he isn't having fun in this fight against Raditz and is actually afraid. As opposed to later Goku we're more familiar who would be having the time of his life and let Vegeta and Freiza live, didn't just kill Dr. Gero before he could make the androids, started the tournament of power, etc. just because his desire is to fight strong guys over anything else. So Goku at this point just cares about saving his son and the Earth, not about wanting to fight Raditz again.

              I really hate that shift in Goku's personality. I'd at least wish Toriyama had handled it less abruptly.
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                I think that he just hate him because he is ruthless, bully and show no concern about human life...


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                  Goku let Raditz go once and Raditz double crossed him and then was going to kill his son.

                  Vegeta was too broken and beaten to do any more damage at the moment and Goku wanted a rematch someday.


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                    Maybe he is ashamed that someone so cruel and ruthless could be his brother?


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                      The real question is why didn't Goku just grab his tail a second time instead of doing a full nelson on him only to get killed in the process... LOL.