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Off-screen fights we wish we could've seen

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  • Off-screen fights we wish we could've seen

    The Gotenks VS Fat Buu filler fight randomly popped into my head and gave me the idea for this thread, since that fight never happened in the manga on-screen.

    What fights do you wish would've been shown on-screen?

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    Not too much comes to mind tbh. Perhaps some more on the action of Mutaito's students beating up Piccolo's minions.


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      Nothing really. All the good fights were shown.


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        Dabura vs Gohan is an obvious example. The manga, unlike the anime, only showed a few exchanges between the pair of them before the battle was abruptly cancelled. Maybe SSJ2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta? Both are obvious examples. Um... Krillin vs Gohan mental sparring on the voyage to Namek? I would also like to see the humans' training on Kami's.