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Krillin's worst/best death

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  • Krillin's worst/best death

    Krillin's death count used to be kind of a big joke before everyone started dying multiple times. But that's not the point here right now, the point is that when Krillin usually dies, it tends to be pretty impactful or just hurts to watch, at least for those of us who like the noseless twerp. Which of Krillin's deaths at the hands of a bad guy in the original series (thus, not GT or Super) hurt the most to watch or was the most impactful for you?

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    It's a tie between his death at the hands of Tambourine and Freeza. Both events sent shockwaves throughout the central Z-warriors group for its unexpected violent nature and tragedy. Since we actually witness his death by Freeza in the manga, maybe I would give the distinction to that incident? His death by Tambourine's hands was off-screen in the manga, plus it didn't appear nearly as gruesome as the one perpetrated by Freeza.


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      Definitely his death on Namek. I mean it's an important chunk of my overall favourite moment from the series.

      His death against Tambourine is impactful thanks to the fact it was the first major death in the series.

      The GT death was good because it helped develop Krillin and #18's relationship, which was especially needed at the time.

      The Boo saga death is the only one that's really a dud. The manga doesn't even show it and it just kinda gets lumped in with a dozen other deaths. Not helped by the fact the series is pretty much a gag manga by that point, so directly before and after the death the tone is super lighthearted. The anime did at least do something with the death and gave Krillin a big hero moment, but it doesn't impact the placement on my list.


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        I think his first death was the most emotional for me and just as impactful as his death on Namek. He was who Goku was mainly avenging the entire arc, well until Roshi. But his stomp against Tambourine was great. As for his death against Frieza, it definitely still had quite a bit of emotion and caused Super Saiyan to happen for the first time which is extremely major to the series. So, for the series his Namek death probably has the most impact but I think there was a bit more emotion in the first death.

        That's another thing though, while there is so much death in Dragon Ball and while it may get a bad wrap for it sometimes--I don't think it's ever used poorly. All of the deaths are fairly significant even if a character dies more than once. I think the only times it's felt redundant or non-emotional is in Dragon Ball Super.


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          The first death set the tone for the rest of the series, the second death introduced Super Saiyan. Those are the only significant deaths in the series, in fact, and for me it has to be the first.


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            The best would probably have to be him dying on Namek. The second, but close one would be his death by the hands of Tambourine

            The worst is against the future androids or Super Buu


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              Both deaths got me emotionally.

              The set up for the first was fantastic, with Goku feeling like something was wrong and knowing that if something bad was to happen and that Krillin is only in danger because he went to get what Goku forgot. Krillin's lifeless face was quite harrowing, by DB/Z standards. The death elevated Goku's anger to levels we had never seen before, leading to his first deliberate kill in the series (Tambourine). It also set the tone for Dragon Ball becoming a more serious series from then on.

              The second death again sent Goku to levels of anger we've never seen before. His pain at seeing his friend killed sent him, mentally, into the darkest place he'd been in since banging his head after arriving on Earth. We thought Freeza had done all that he could and that with Goku around everyone would be fairly safe, but that illusion was quickly taken away when we saw that not only had Freeza survived Goku's strongest possible attack, but how quickly he could kill Piccolo and Krillin and how helpless Goku was to help. Everything from Freeza returning from the Spirit Bomb, through to Goku going SSJ, was chilling. It's the only time in the series where Goku himself seemed a bit scary.

              The first death is the best though, because it really came out of nowhere (with the whole crew celebrating the 22nd Budokai) and there was a greater sense of mystery. Like mentioned, it set up a whole revenge arc, whereas the second death was just a part of the climax.
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