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I thought that this site could use some useful information on how to debate, so I've taken the liberty to list up websites that contain useful information in this very topic. I have personally visited every site and found nothing wrong with any of them. It's up to the staff to decide whether this topic will be pinned or whatever.

Links of Interest
On Debating
http://jerz.setonhill.edu/writing/argum ... lding.html
How to build an arguement.
How to build an arguement; also contains many logical fallacies and how not to commit them
The logic of the site is correct; the examples they use may offend you.

On Persuasion
The three components required for effective arguementation
Qualifications and why it's important.
The more emotion involved, the more power the message.
If it's not logical, no one will listen to it.

On Logical Fallacies
Fallacy Tutorial
Logical Fallacies and the Art of Debate
Fallacy Files
Wikipedia's Article
All sites are equally valid; each contain an introduction on why logical fallacies are important and why you should avoid them. Read this portion at least once!

..Add more as needed.