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How does Goku know that someone is hiding more power?

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  • How does Goku know that someone is hiding more power?

    I’ve seen the argument that Goku has the ability to sense when someone has more power than they are showing. That Goku’s ki sensing ability extends beyond sensing surface level power, into the power that’s being disguised by the suppression of the opponent. But is that really how it’s done?

    Does Goku literally “sense” that ki, or instead does he intuit, i.e. judge/conclude that someone is hiding more power based upon a number of other factors, such as how the opponent is behaving, how they’re fighting, etc.?

    There have been a number of instances where Goku has been surprised at an opponent’s power-up. I would think if Goku could literally sense the hidden power with his ki sensing that he would not be surprised, as he would have already sensed that power. I would be more inclined to say Goku is intuiting/concluding that someone has more power instead.