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Michael Myers VS Jacob Goodnight o

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  • Michael Myers VS Jacob Goodnight o

    Halloween vs see no evil.

    round 1- composite Michael every movie feats in one.
    round 2- composite Human Michael. Movies where he is well human no supernatural abilities.
    round 3- composite supernatural Michael.

    see no evil 1 and 2 feats allowed.

    me personally I think goodnight destroys any version of human Michael with ease, however I think supernatural Michael and goodnight are far more equal in everything vs the age old fight of Michael and Jason.

    goodnight is no slouch but neither is Michael. Both are capable of crushing bones, being stabbed, shot, and hit.
    both in believe we're capable of knocking down security doors at hospitalsome.

    one of Michaels greatest feats is surviving a exploshion and being set on fire, while goodnight's is taking enough embalming fluid to embalm multiple grown men, as well as his death in movie 1. Stabbed through the eye, falls like 6 story's hitting many ledges on the way down, falls through a glass roof and has his heart impaled with glass.

    Michael would have external burns, lungs burned, internal bleeding and damaged organs, broken bones.
    goodnight would have internal chemical burns, complete entire organ failure(lungs, brain, heart everything), rupturing of every red blood cells in the body, internal and external bleeding

    I do think goodnight would win, but I don't think it's a stomp, I think out of all the slashers I've seen these two seem to be the closest match. I do think Michael would be capable of beating him. So Id give it to goodnight 6/10.

    I know Michale is far far more popular and Halloween is better then see no evil, but I feel like no one gives goodnight the time of day or respect that he deserves. Expecially when people say he is only human.

    I'm not really interested in a debate as much as I am asking what you guys think on this fight and what you think of goodnight's abilities compared to classic slashes like Michael, Freddy, Leatherface, and Jason.

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    Jacob is alright as a killer, he's not disrespected among slasher fans, but he's not as interesting or intimidating (I would also add not as iconic but that would be unfair on Jacob) as the aforementioned slashers. See No Evil didn't put the genre on the map, gave it an interesting spin or made it a genre to be respected, it was just... more of the same, except that usually works better with movies that have a legacy, whereas See No Evil had no legacy and was just another stock slasher movie doing what stock slasher movies usually do.