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Jin Kazama Runs Dragon Ball Gauntlet

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  • Jin Kazama Runs Dragon Ball Gauntlet

    If Tekken's Jin Kazama was to fight in each tournament of Dragon Ball, how far would he get in each?

    Round 1) Tekken 3 Jin vs 21st World Tournament

    Round 2) Tekken 5 Jin vs 22nd World Tournament

    Round 3) Tekken 7 Jin vs 23rd World Tournament

    Rules: Jin may tap into his Devil Gene and become Devil Jin if needed but has enough restrain as to not kill but otherwise behave as Devil Jin normally would. Dragon Ball characters may not use Ki to fire energy blasts, UNLESS, Jin transforms into Devil Jin since he gains access to a beam in that form.

    Detailed answers would be much appreciated.

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    It would be wise to provide details beforehand if you want details back. I'll return when I get around to searching myself.


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      If you want details on his story:

      If you want his power tier listing:

      If you want his respect thread: