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Devil Jin and Kazuya vs Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma

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  • Devil Jin and Kazuya vs Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma

    Who'd win in a fight to the death? Equal levels of course.

    Bonus: Kazuya can go to his final Devil form and Akuma may ascend to his Oni form.

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    Though it's from a non-canon ending, Shin Akuma took out a meteor once. Without that transformation, Akuma has canonically sunk an island into the ocean and split Ayers' rock in the comics, as well as survived inside a volcano for a lengthy period of time after a tussle with Oro (who defeated him, of course).

    Then again, a Jack from Tekken did the same but it was a lot harder for him, and it took multiple hits for the meteor to crumble. However, Jacks tend to get one-shotted by top tier Tekken characters like Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi. Akuma in Tekken 7 was considered more or less and equal to Heihachi and Kazuya, the latter of which in that same game could bring down a satellite the size of a skyscraper that destroyed an entire "town" when it fell to Earth by Kazuya shooting it with his third eye laser, without needing to transform (and Heihachi later survives multiple of these lasers from Devil Form Kazuya), but Akuma in that game also managed to take down Heihachi with the Shun Goku Satsu (but of course, Heihachi survived) and later forced Kazuya into a half-devil form. This was before becoming Shin Akuma against Devil Form Kazuya, and their battle seemingly caused a volcanic eruption which is where the story ends, but I doubt either got killed by that. After all, Jin has to kill Kazuya himself.

    The Shun Goku Satsu may be the only way to kill these devils, seeing how the devil gene allows them to survive all sorts of crazy stuff.


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      This is a very good answer but I was hoping to use only the primary source material (the canon games). And a little detail I think you may have missed, they're equal in terms of power/destructive capacity. The Jack-6 destroying the meteor was in Tekken Tag 2 right?

      Does Akuma in Tekken 7 share his feats with his Street Fighter incarnation?


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        He never does anything on his SF self's level, no. I've already mentioned him causing a volcanic eruption, and way before that he tanks the destruction of Heihachi's dojo plus shows up unharmed after Heihachi orders his laser satellite to destroy the skyscraper Kazuya and Akuma are fighting on.

        The Jack meteor feat is from that game, yes, and also non-canon as I forgot to mention.


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          Him causing the volcano eruption was him as Shin Akuma, right?

          But even so there's no power gap here for either fighter, as they're all equal in that regard.


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            Which is why I said: "The Shun Goku Satsu may be the only way to kill these devils, seeing how the devil gene allows them to survive all sorts of crazy stuff."


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              Oh okay, the way I interpreted you saying that was under the assumption of you not looking at it as a equal power battle, you were listing a lot of destruction feats is why I assumed so though.

              But, I will point out that Heihachi did kill Devil Kazumi, so I don't think the Raging Demon would be there only option of killing Devil Jin and Kazuya.

              One thing I noticed about Devil Gene users though is that they seem to be able to absorb energy or at the very least siphon evil or demonic energy from their opponents:

              Canon: Devil attempted to steal back his "other half" in Jin Kazama but was unable to potentially because of his Kazama blood or the chains the Heihachi had wrapped around him.

              Non-canon: Devil Jin stole Jinpachi's evil energy and morphed into another Devil form and later tried to siphon more Devil Gene power from Azazel's orb but that backfired of course.

              Kazuya steals Unknown's evil energy and makes it his own and transform into the form that he used in Tekken Blood Retribution.

              But, my point is that they're probably able to take the Satsui no Hado from both Evil Ryu and Akuma, and depower them from their equal levels. I also doubt the effectiveness of the Raging Demon though, Akuma (Tekken Universe), techniques and powers are basically and fundamentally the same as his Street Fighter self. So if that's to be taken into account, then I think Devil Jin and Kazuya have a better chance of surviving the Raging Demon if Heihachi could, and that's before fighting at full power. The lore in Tekken 7 indicates:

              Devil Jin > = True Devil Form Kazuya = Shin Akuma => Full Power Heihachi > Akuma >= Jin (Devil Gene Amp) > Golden Azazel > Devil Kazuya > Jin > Kazuya and Lars >= Heihachi > Azazel