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Danny and Dani phantom vs Dan Phantom(Dark Danny)

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  • Danny and Dani phantom vs Dan Phantom(Dark Danny)

    In the ultimate enemy, Danny was able to beat his evil future self, however he more caught him off guard by using his ghostly wail on him which he wasnt prepared for as danny wasnt supposed to have that power yet.for this scenario a few months after he escapes clockwork's lair and goes into hiding waiting for the right time to strike. by doing this he sees danny's powers develop further as he can fully duplicate himself and has ice powers. After phantom planet is when he decides to strike.

    Danny is end of series, dani has all her powers we have seen her with, as stated above Dan has knowledge of all of Dannys powers.

    Can these two beat danny's evil counterpart or are they doomed to fail.

    Sceario 2, vlad shows up back on earth to help making it a 3v1.