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Who does Mr Incredible compare to in DC and Marvel comics?

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  • Who does Mr Incredible compare to in DC and Marvel comics?

    If you put Pixar's Mr Incredible into either the Marvel or DC Universe, which characters could he compare to in terms of strength and ability?

    I think he's as strong as Spider-Man from what I can tell but clearly lacking the speed, agility and reflexes. In DC terms I'd say he was around about a venomed up Bane.

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    He's a good deal stronger than Spider-Man usually. He'd finger flick Bane as well. As far as strength goes, I'd say he's similar to someone like New 52 Aquaman(ignoring scaling stuff). Stopping the Omnidroid's slams is very impressive.


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      Definitely not on the same level as that Aquaman, not even close.

      He's better than the strongest brutes that act as strength support for teams like Luke Cage or Sasquatch but not by much. He's a good weightlifter but not as good when it comes to punching.

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