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Avatar Aang vs Darth vader

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  • Avatar Aang vs Darth vader


    After the fight with yakone, Aang is contacted by Roku saying he needs to help in a distant place, he gets there by portal through the spirit world, and where he finds is in the middle of order 66 at the jedi temple. He is watching in horror as a slaughter is happening to people with these strange people with what appears to be glowing swords being killed by these men in strange white armor with strange weapons. A few men attack aang, thinking he is a jedi master due to his robes. He has no problem airbending them out of the way, he starts running around, blasting any clones and saving as many jedi as he can. He eventually comes upon the council chamber where he sees a man in a hood talking to a group of kids. He heres one of the kids call him master skywalker asking him what they are gonna do. Aang figures out it must be one of those swordsmen he saw and figured he was trying to get the kids to saftey, until he sees this man pull out his own glowing sword, and advance on to the children. Aang,horrified, reacts quickly and just as the strange man swings to bring his sword down on a child, Aang appears in front of the children and grabs the weapons by the handle.both the man and children are shocked at this strangers appearence.before the man could even regain his senses, Aang took his fist and sent a powerful air current blasting the man down the hall and through some pillars. Aang chases after him and they both wind up back in the main lobby.both clones and jedi alike stop fighting to witness this event. The man gets up and is enraged and asks Aang who he is

    Anakin:who are you, you scum!! How DARE YOU ATTACK ME!!!

    Aang: ''my name is Aang, i am the avatar, and i am here to stop you''

    Anakin:well Aang , i am the dark lord of the sith, darth vader, if you think you can beat me your mistaken, but your welcome to try ''.

    Tell me how the battle goes from here

    Aang can use all bending here, including metal bending but not blood, he also has full control over the avatar state
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    I believe, since Anakin does not know force lightning, he is at a range disadvantage, since aang can unleash air bending and fire bending, earth bending ranged attacks, while Anakin has no efficient way to block these. And he has no way to hit Aang back since Aang can just keep range and avoid the lightsaber. Also just like the avatar state broke blood bending, I imagine it would break force choke.

    My money is on Aang.


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      Canon Vader might lose, but I find that unlikely, unless he's at his concievably worse.

      EU Vader wins this for sure, nothing the Avatar can do will stop the Force.