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Odin and Zeus vs Beerus and Dai Kaioshin

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  • Odin and Zeus vs Beerus and Dai Kaioshin

    Odin and Zeus take on Beerus (prior to sealing Old Kaioshin) and Dai Kaioshin (prior to sealing the majority of his Godly power to seal Moro's). Who wins?

    Odin and Zeus are in character, as is Beerus and Dai Kaioshin. Fight takes place in the World of Void, with the ring being as big as the whole universe. ​​​​​

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    Which version is Odin and Zues from in this case? They change quite a bit depending on the version.

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      The most current comic versions. 616 universe.


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        Everyone's been nerfed massively for a while. Jane Foster Thor beat the crap outta current Odin, for instance. Beerus alone would solo them tbh, or at least Odin, he's a shadow of his past self now.

        At their strongest, these two, the strongest Skyfathers, are threats to multiple galaxies if not the entire Universe. Odin wielding his Destroyer armor made of Uru could go up against a small group of celestials and a single lightning strike from a younger Zeus could weaken Galactus, plus adult Zeus makes Hercules and Hulk look like jokes, as you'd expect.

        At first I thought this was their mythological counterparts. Now that'd be interesting, seeing how Zeus has a similar feat to DBS Beerus' whole shaking the universe bit, and iirc gets even beastlier in Orphic tales. Odin also shaped the nine realms out of Ymir's body so you could say he's not too far behind, and when it comes to arsenal he's got that one helluva powerful spear that will always land on its target no matter how you throw it.

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