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Goku vs Luffy

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  • Goku vs Luffy

    All base powers are at equals, and speed as well. Who wins? Goku is from the Namek saga and Luffy is from the Wano Country saga. They have access to all of their abilities but are in character.

    Fight takes place in the Forest of Death. No planet busting.

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    Luffy easily, he has the range, defence and senses here. Goku's punches wouldn't even hurt him in Gear Fourth and his Observation Haki would be good enough to dodge any energy attack, especially after what he learned from fighting Katakuri. He basically has light precog now.

    And then there's the Snake Man form of Gear Fourth which is pretty damn strong. Though I think Bound Man is better here, especially since it allows him to fly.

    Actually he might not even need Gear Fourth because Gear Third + Haki is basically a massive energy wrecking ball.


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      How does Luffy has range if Goku possesses the ability to use Ki attacks though? If anything, they're likely even with Goku having edge due to his flight isn't as taxing as Luffy's in his Gear 4 state I read.

      Goku has the Kaioken technique though don't forget, he can use it up to 10x at least at this point as well, though 2 to 4x shouldn't be a problem for him right now. Not to mention he has the Destructo Disk and Solar Flare techniques also. Goku also use his Ki to shoot invisible energy at his opponents too. And last but not least, he has his Kamehameha Wave which increases his base power approximately by 2x.

      I don't see Luffy overcoming all that with just his invulnerability to most blunt force and some precognition, when Goku is definitely the better fighter between the two. But explain how Gear 3 + Haki would help him for me.


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        Because he can punch and kick Goku from a distance with no loss to strength.
        Goku can't do the same with energy blasts since any worthwhile one is going to have charge time, Luffy would easily dodge a small Ki blast and even if he somehow couldn't Haki would protect him.

        I can't remember if Luffy still has the 10 minute timer for Gear Fourth or if it's extended now but that's what it was. Considering the speed involved here the fight probably wouldn't last that long anyway.

        Well...if boosting is allowed then that's just kinda unfair for the most part but Luffy gets his boosts too. In which case Grizzly Magnum would be incredibly devastating and further than that Kong Gun would be pure annihilation.
        Gear Fourth and King Kong Gun boosted Luffy to the point where he could smash through Doflamingo's God Thread which is part of his Awakening AND Spider Net and buckle a huge portion of Dressrosa. I doubt Goku can contend with that increase at 10x.

        Spider Net was effortlessly capable of slicing up a meteor drawn from space, even though it would have absorbed a lot of damage Luffy's attack still did a massive amount and it has barely any prep time if he's already in Bound Man.

        As usual the anime doesn't do a great job showcasing it but:

        Goku's only hope of contending with that level of punch is to already have a KHH ready and that takes way longer to prepare.
        Kong Gun is also something Luffy can do right away as Bound Man so he wouldn't even necessarily have to upgrade to a King since that'd do massive damage on it's own.
        Goku being a better fighter is pretty debatable. Luffy has defeated many opponents that were far more powerful than him or dodged hits from the likes of Mihawk pre-time skip. Goku mostly fights opponents he's almost equal to.


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          Even if he could dodge em, him being unable to fight long range wouldn't be in either's benefit. It's not like he can't dodge a punch either though. I don't get how his Haki would help him anymore than Goku's Ki would protect him.

          ​​​​​​Speed is a factor in this, unless we know how fast it makes him numerically, his speed being boosted won't do him any good.

          What's the amps for those two then? We'll see if it'll be in Luffy's favor.

          Goku was able to overpower Vegeta's Galick Gun at Kaioken x4 and it had enough power to destroy the core of earth. At this point, Goku could easily withstand a Kaioken x4 without causing too much of a strain. That said, I think Goku deal with that considering meteors can't reach the core of a planet, maybe life wipe at best but not destroy.

          Also, that technique don't form as fast as a fully charged Kamehameha. Besides, Goku can attack as he fire it off as shown when he fought Frieza.

          Alright, if Luffy has defeated superior opponents I'll rethink Goku being superior, for the moment. But I want to add in, he fought against a few individuals that could beat him who had the power advantage more so than him (Roshi, Ginyu and Perfect Cell).