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Dexter vs Hannibal Lecter

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  • Dexter vs Hannibal Lecter

    I've never watched Dexter but I'm aware that he's very good at finding serial killers. Would he be able to figure out what Doctor Lecter was up to?

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    That's a tough one, in a straight up fight I feel like he'd win but as for how it would actually play out Hannibal, if we're talking about the one from the TV show, is muuuuch smarter and would have likely planned stuff ahead already.

    But for finding out who or what he is...again that's a tough one.

    The scenario would probably have to be Hannibal being his psychologist, I'd imagine he'd figure out Dexter is a killer himself and might think of him as kin. He may make it obvious on purpose that he's a serial killer too but at that point I'm not sure Dexter would even want to fight him.


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      oh god.

      dexteris smart and stuff. but aint no way he could outsmart lecter no way. The guy made the whole bureau spinning in circle in the first two seasons.

      he would make with dexter what he made with graham. encouraging him to set free to embrace the killer the serialkiller without any ties.

      And he would succeed thus poor dexter you already lost