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Samus Aran vs Warhammer 40k

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  • Samus Aran vs Warhammer 40k

    Samus Aran from the Metroid games vs any faction or character in the 40k universe. Can be one person or it can be an army. What level of destruction is she capable of?

    Her full arsenal includes:

    Shielded power suit which enchances physical strength and can tank missiles and energy weapons. Can also survive indefinately in molten lava.
    Arm cannon that fires missiles of medium and high yields, an ice beam, a plasma beam, a flamethrower, a standard energy blast and the wave beam. All of which can be charged for more of an impact.
    Combat visor that lock onto targets and can see thermal and x-ray spectrums.
    Morph ball bombs.
    Power bombs.
    High jump boots.
    Space jump.
    Screw attack.
    Speed Boost.

    I'm no expert on 40k so I don't know if your average grunt has any chance against her with their weapons. You need something fairly heavy to hurt Samus in one shot.