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Blade vs Twilight

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  • Blade vs Twilight

    So I've seen memes of this a lot, that Blade should have been the one to end Twilight and kill all the vampires...but could he?

    I know little of Blade outside of comics but given how comics are, I assume he does a lot more impressive stuff in them so I guess go for a composite of all his best stuff(unless he has some ridiculously OP things)
    The setting for the fight is Blade hunting them down wherever they live, rather than a huge battle.

    Round 1: None of the Twilight vampires get their special abilities, just their core powers

    Round 2: They get all their powers but Blade gets extensive knowledge on them

    BONUS ROUND: Blade and Dracula(from Blade 3) team up and get a Twilight Werewolf each to ride

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    Blade from the comics destroys them all. He's physically their superior, as well as being a master martial artist, the only advantage most these vampires got are the unique abilities they have.

    But if he's hunting them down, I'm fairly sure he'd defeat all of them. As long as he burns them after defeating them.

    Bonus round is overkill for team Blade.