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Spider-Man (MCU) vs Itachi Uchiha

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  • Spider-Man (MCU) vs Itachi Uchiha

    Spider-Man has the Black Suit from Spider-Man 3 and the amp it gave it's Spider-Man. Itachi is from when he fought Kabuto, along with Sasuke, but he isn't a Edo Tensei zombie.

    Both are in character, who wins?

    Fight takes place at the Cell Games with a barrier surrounding them, and Spider-Man's webbing to cling to it if he needs it.

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    What makes you think Spider-Man has a chance? Itachi, while blind could react to lightning and put a defence up just before it hits him, fast enough that Sasuke couldn't even see him summon Susano'o.

    And he is otherwise one of the faster characters in the series despite suffering from a terminal illness.

    Itachi could probably easily wreck him with a decent Fireball or just use Amaterasu on him for a pretty much instant win. Especially since this Spider-Man hasn't even developed Spider Sense properly yet.


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      He fought against Vulture, Winter Soldier, Falcon and a few others that were notably fast. And also his Spider Sense.

      But let's equalize power, who wins?


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        Not nearly as fast as Itachi though, even Sasuke was faster than sound in Part 1 with the first stage of the Curse Seal.

        Overall there's no way for Spider-Man to win, Itachi is too intelligent and has too many moves to counter Spidey.
        His only hope would be equal power, extensive knowledge on chakra etc etc and his own Sharingan. Even with that he massively lacks combat experience however.


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          Itachi. Spider-Man’s not fast or experienced enough. And even then even comic book Spider-Man would struggle imo. Itachi’s really good at genjutsu, is very fast, and has susunoo. And it’s not like he’s physically weak without susanoo either. And this is all considering he’s sick like Steve said


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            In character? Well based on what happened in the first few times Itachi popped up. The fight begins and Spiderman instantly gets Tsukiyomi'd. Spiderman crumbles after experiencing 72 hours in an eternity of torture and it's a GG.


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              ...What is Spider-Man gonna do? I'd like to point out we're not even certain he has spider-sense given how many times he gets blindsided and beaten down by relatively normal foes, and now he's supposed to go up against someone who can bring you to your knees via eye contact? The Raimi-Blacksuit wasn't even that much of a boost, and none of that is dealing with the fact that everything Spider-Man (this one anyway) can do, Itachi does better. This fight ends probably the second they lock eyes, which will be quick, or the moment Spider-Man takes a punch, which he will because it's MCU Spider-Man and he's relatively awful at dodging. BTW does the raimi blacksuit have a weakness to fire? Because that would probably stack it even more in Itachi's favor.

              I want to call this a spite match, there is utterly nothing that Spider-Man can even attempt, he can't even go for surprise because he doesn't have the Stark-suit, all he has is regular (organic) webbing. MCU's Spidy got some things that make him better in certain situations, but in this case? Literally any other version would be better suited than an MCU Spidy without the only thing that gives him even close to a half-decent fighting chance. Bring in Comics Spider-Man, at least he can power through Tsukoyomi, so this fight lasts a little longer. Maybe give them some prior info so they can plan around some of his tricks.
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