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Goku vs Superman

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  • Goku vs Superman

    Well, another forum another Goku vs Superman debate. Who wins and why? Most current and recent of the characters only.

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    Maaan, Goku sneezes and blows the dude away.

    Depends which Supes we talking about tho, some are downright retarded


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      The world loses 'cause it gets destroyed

      The end

      Reaper? A label created by the Protheans to give voice to their destruction.
      In the end, what they chose to call us is irrelevant. We simply... are. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite.
      Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure.


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        I am just a little test account, don't message me!


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          Ah man I missed these.

          As far as this goes though, Goku probably wins. I'm not exactly current with Superman atm, Goku as he is right now probably has access to UI and MUI. Which, so long as no one's absurdly faster, should allow him to remain mostly untouchable in terms of a brawl. He'd be like a piece of wet soap, just slip sliding everywhere.


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            Of course how close the fight is depends on which Superman but even if we assume he’s stronger than current god goku then you’d have to argue he can easily do what broly and jiren did to him and goku competes with those guys when he goes blue and kaioken so most versions of Superman probably would lose. There are other versions of goku too but in reality most people don’t care and they think of the main continuity in this debate

            So I think the best general answer is goku because at this point resorting to “depends which Superman” is just dodging the question since it doesn’t matter because goku could beat most versions anyway
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              Originally posted by Kingslayer96 View Post
              So I think the best general answer is goku because at this point resorting to “depends which Superman” is just dodging the question since it doesn’t matter because goku could beat most versions anyway
              That's a horrendous argument lol Superman isn't one set singular character there's dozens of different iterations of him, you can't just pass that off as dodging when it's a massive factor in how any debate involving the character can even function...

              Goku isn't beating the Superman who could fly so fast he was going to break reality and keep going until the literal God that created everything had to step in.
              Nor is he beating any Superman that can fly through time, not unless you set specific cop out restrictions to give Goku the win.


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                It is but it’s an easy answer lol. If someone asks me who I think would win goku or Superman without specifying which Superman and I have to give an answer then I would say goku. You nearly proved what I said. There are dozens of versions but there are only some of them that are possibly considered a threat and nobody honestly gives a shit about those

                Blue goku fought on the ground of broly and jiren. Broly beat the shit out of god goku like he was nothing and jiren blocked idk how many punches from god goku with one finger yet god goku at this point is easily strong enough to destroy everything in the universe and more with one punch. That’s not even considering he has blue kaioken and especially ultra instinct which puts him way ahead of Jiren who was using his finger to block god goku’s punches. The fact and point I’m trying to make is that most versions of Superman cannot beat this kind of power. Generally, Superman isn’t on that level


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                  Which is as useful as saying Goku can't win because he can't go Super Saiyan in the Saiyan Saga.

                  If there are versions of Superman that can win, then Superman wins unless the OP wants to specify how well a particular one would do. Destroying a universe isn't really a win condition either, especially not when many Superman's can fly through time and phase through all attacks.

                  Any Superman powerful enough need only realize he can't win, fly through time and lobotomise Goku before he's too powerful. Or maybe he'd even want to kill him since Goku is so incredibly reckless and dangerous.