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Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks VS Full Power Super Saiyan Goku

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  • Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks VS Full Power Super Saiyan Goku

    Who wins? Curious to see your opinions.

  • #2
    full power SSJ Goku turns Trunks into mince meat. Cell arc made that clear enough.


    • #3
      Yeah, I've always sided with the opinion that Goku was stronger than Trunks myself.


      • #4
        SSJ Vegeta in the Cell Games is stronger than this Trunks, let alone Goku.


        • #5
          Goku should win fairly easily. Krillin stated Goku's power full outstripped everybody, so that would have to include Trunks's previous Grade 3 power.


          • #6
            Others have expressed how this would pan out. I think what might be a little more open-ended would be pitting a potential SSJ Grade 3 Trunks from the Cell Games - who has trained intensively in the ROSAT for a second time - against Goku. You still have a considerable power gap but if the strength inflation somehow could be applied then Trunks may be able to bridge enough of the gap to actually threaten Goku and force him into exerting himself. I wouldn't mind seeing a grip-lock fight between the two. Goku would still have the advantage, of course, but he might be pressured then. I could see him sustaining some damage under those circumstances.


            • #7
              Even if he matched or succeeded in power against Goku, he’d lose due to the loss in speed.


              • #8
                Who do you think would win? Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks or 50% Super Saiyan Goku?