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Kaioken Goku vs. Cell

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  • Kaioken Goku vs. Cell

    Not sure if the Dragon would grant this, but the Z Warriors use the dragonballs to wish for Goku to be able to use Kaioken in his MSSJ form without it causing any strain on his body or without depleting any energy (it’s basically a free power multiplier). However, Goku is only allowed to use up to Triple, and anything higher would be as if the wish were never granted at all.

    How does Goku fare against Perfect Cell at full power and also Super Perfect Cell?

    I believe he gets it done against P. Cell, but falls short of getting past S.P. Cell.

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    Goku: 70 Million
    -MSSJ: 3.5 Billion
    --Kaioken x2 MSSJ: 7 Billion
    ---Kaioken x3 MSSJ: 10.5 Billion

    Perfect Cell (Full Power): 6.5 Billion
    -Super "Perfect": 8.74 Billion

    Perfect Cell wouldn't beat Goku at all if he uses Kaioken x2. Goku then falls to Super Perfect Cell, using just Kaioken x2. And finally, Goku using the Kaioken x3 on top of his Mastered Super Saiyan form, destroys Super Perfect Cell.

    Goku wins the majority 2 out of 3. Cell only wins 1 time out of 3.


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      Goku completely obliterates bot PC and SPC even with just a double KK in top of his MSSJ form.
      With KKx3 at no cost it wouldn't even be a fight unless Goku started to torture and heal Cell enough times for Cell to turn ultra strong.


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        Goku would win using Kaioken times two against Perfect Cell but would lose in a good fight against SPC since I have Super Perfect Cell a bit stronger than SSJ2 Gohan. With Kaioken times three he stomps, though