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Grade 2 vegeta vs super semi perfect cell

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  • Grade 2 vegeta vs super semi perfect cell

    In this alternate story, krillin blows up 18.without a good fight, vegeta blasts cell away.however like he did in canon cell comes back with a power boost(the same he got from his perfect to super perfect form).he kills trunks off guard and now vegeta is pissed like how he was at the cell games in the original story.does vegeta avenge his son or will cell have his payback?

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    A very good versus.

    On one hand, we know that Cell has margin to increase his strength within every one of his forms, that the lĂ­mit of power of his inferior forms is below the power he has in his next form and that the power he accumulates or loses in his current form doesen't carry to the next one.

    So, Cell 2nd form was at his weakest when he fought Vegeta, he had margin to increase his power with a zenkay.

    On the other hand, the RoSaT training was there to show that the SSJ can't be properly trained with regular training.
    Vegeta's improvement in his 2nd day in the RoSaT was minimal, which means that his attack on Cell (which was much stronger than anything he had done until then) was due to the rage Boost more than anything.

    I think that 2nd form Cell ceiling of power would be at between 9-10 million of units (closer to 10), and Vegeta's rage Boost would put him at 9-11 million.

    so there's potential for a good fight.
    But on the other hand, Cell's zenkays were very weak, so I doubt one would be enough to put Cell at Vegeta's PL even if he had the potential to reach It.

    I think Vegeta takes it.


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      Super Perfect Cell kind of was surprised and had to ready himself when Vegeta attacked him in rage, despite the large gap between them. Super Semi Perfect Cell would probably be a tad bit stronger than Vegeta was, with the rage boost, I'd say Vegeta could one shot him.


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        Wouldn't he be identical to Super Perfect Cell if he gets the same boost? He was Semi-Perfect when he got his zenkai. Or perhaps you're meaning the gap between Perfect Cell's power and Super Perfect's. Even with that said, I don't think Vegeta stands much chance here.


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          Vegeta wins after a hard battle. Cell also has a chance to win if he fights dirty, such as using the Solar Flare or hiding his power, coming out of nowhere and absorbing Vegeta.