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Cell of Might vs. Fat Buu

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  • Cell of Might vs. Fat Buu

    Kind of a troll thread here, but if Super Perfect Cell were to eat a piece of fruit from the Tree Of Might and get the same proportional boost in power that Turles did, how does he do against Majin Buu?

    From what I remember, Turles wasn’t all that much stronger than Goku at first, but after consuming some Might Fruit, Goku using Kaio-ken x10 was no match for him, so I’m assuming it’s at least a 10x multiplier. I believe McFatty is getting wrecked by Cell. What does everyone else think?

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    Same proportional upgrade? Cell stomps.
    SPCell was already in the SSJ2 level of power, close enough to Gohan to surprise him.
    Even if Gohan SSJ2 is a bit below Majin Vegeta, the difference is still very low, and Majin Bu was weaker than Kid Bu who was a bit weaker (jut a tiny bit) than SSJ3 Goku.