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Ultimate Gohan (Buu Saga) vs Kid Buu

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  • Ultimate Gohan (Buu Saga) vs Kid Buu

    Let's say that Gohan somehow survived the explosion of Earth and is fighting along side Goku and Vegeta against Kid Buu. How Ultimate Gohan be able to fight off Kid Buu and what techniques would he had to be even effective against him?

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    Mmmmm, interesting question.
    On one hand, it seems simple because in terms of pure strength Super Bu was above Kid Bu (SB was a tad above SSJ3 Goku and KB a bit below him), but on the other hand Kid Bu's magic powers were the purest. Unlike the other Bus, he was able to regenerate for free and his stamina was truly infinite.
    Super Bu is Fat Bu but with his evil nature beign the dominant one, which increased his powers because Bu's true nature is pure evil (and he had already absorbed a couple of strong warriors), but his "Bu abilities" were still partially bloqued by the Main Kaioshin absorption.

    So it depends, was Goku's calculation that he could erase Kid Bu with a single full powered SSJ3 KHH correct? If that's the case, then Gohan takes it.
    But what if Goku wasn't right? What if Kid Bus regenerative capabilities were higher than Goku expected? In that case, it all depends on if he was mistaken by a lot or not.

    But I can perfectly conceive a scenario of Gohan beating KB but not being able to completely eliminate him before the fight takes a toll on his strength, and then KB gaining the upper-hand, while in the scenario vs SB, Gohan beating SB would only make the difference in strength grow bigger and bigger (even if at a really slow pace) until Gohan would reach a point where it could easilly Kill Super Bu.


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      Gohan destroys hard. I have Super Boo multifold stronger than Kid Boo and that's quite enough to destroy him with a big beam attack.


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        What attack would most effective against Kid Buu other than the Spirit Bomb?