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Mastered ssj2 gohan buu arc vs fat buu

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  • Mastered ssj2 gohan buu arc vs fat buu

    In this timeline, gohan still doesnt train for 7 years, however he does spend his free time from studying meditating with piccolo in oder to master his ssj2 power, which he does and powers it up in the same way trunks did in the manga, pretty much making it match the super saiyan 3 boost.lets say events happen the same and goku and vegeta fight still and buu is released. With his mastered ssj2 power on his, will he be able to utterly destroy buu this time around or at least be a match for him so vegeta can help destroy him, or is gohan still doomed to fall?

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    SSJ2 Goku is only somewhat stronger than SSJ2 Gohan from the Cell saga.

    Then this Cell saga Gohan trains for 7 years on top of essentially gaining the SSJ3 form? He stomps.


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      Getting the SSJ3 form wouldn't be enough to beat Boo unless he pulled some serious potential out


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        Ok let me make it clearer here:

        This is not cell saga gohan who trained for 7 years and gained ssj3.

        This is still the same gohan who slacked on combat and strength training, however he has trained to power up and master his ssj2 form to the fullest extenst and perfect it.he like masters it like future trunks in the manga, where we saw against goku he was initally at a disadvantage in power against ssj3 goku in their sparring match, but then shocked goku by powering his ssj2 even further to the point in which he matched ssj3 goku in power, which forced goku to go super saiyan god. This pretty much what if gohan did the same thing but his overall power still is weaker in base and regular super saiyan but he is able to power up ssj2 like future trunks. The question is, is this enough of a powerup for this weakened gohan to surpass fat buu in power or at least match him or will he still be too weak to win?


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          Although Goku later said he could have won if he needed to, Fat Boo still held his own against him in their brief battle. Doesn't seem like it'd have been a stomp even if Goku went for the kill. Meanwhile, SSJ2 Goku >> SSJ2 Vegeta (non-Majin) >>> SSJ2 Boo saga Gohan. So if Gohan gets nothing other than a typical SSJ3 transformation boost, he loses to Fatty.


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            Super Saiyan 2's energy expenditure is trickly in comparison to Super Saiyan 3's. Having said that, if Gohan can only boast a status of parity next to SSJ3 Goku from the arc then Fat Buu will likely come out of this fight as the ultimate victor. The Majin carries advantages both in respect to stamina, physiological tolerance of attacks, and move repertoire. Gohan is entering into this with little to argue in favour of a potential victory as he's both out of practice and just unvaried as a whole when it comes to abilities.