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S.P. Cell w/ Kid Gohan absorbed vs. Good Buu

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  • S.P. Cell w/ Kid Gohan absorbed vs. Good Buu

    If Cell is able to absorb SS2 Kid Gohan, is he able to beat the weaker Good Buu? In the first scenario, he has never met Buu and therefore has no idea about his abilities. In the second scenario, he knows all about how hax Buu is.

    I definitely have Cell either falling victim to Buu's candy beam or absorption techniques (like Piccolo and Gotenks) in the first scenario, not sure how he does if he knows to watch out for them.

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    I think Cell would surpass Buu by a moderate sum. It's not enough to tip the scales in his favour, though. Buu's stamina and regeneration would see to it that whatever advantage Cell has would soon evaporate. In scenario 1 he's most likely to lose, in my opinion. Scenario 2, with preemptive knowledge of what Buu is capable of, might allow for Cell to take advantage of his strength early on and use an unexpected tactic involving the Taiyoken/teleportation with a Solar System destroying Kamehameha aimed at completely wiping Buu out.


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      Super Perfect Cell: 7,500,000,000
      -Gohan Absorbed: 15,000,000,000

      Good Buu: 9,600,000,000

      Cell wrecks Buu.


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        I have Mr.Buu a decent amount stronger than any SSJ2 tier guy, but not two times(more like 1.3-1.5x, he's strong enough to take out one of them with ease) so Cell would win if he plays it smart. Otherwise he might tire out and the strength gap would get insignificant.