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Toppo vs Goku

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  • Toppo vs Goku

    Toppo is in his destroyer form and Goku is Kaioken x20. They're fighting in the Tournament of Power, but no one will interfere their battle.

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    Probably 50/50. It depends if this is Goku is just as strong as Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form or not. If it is, then Goku would win with high difficulty. If it isn't, he loses after a highly difficult fight.


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      I'm gonna give it to Toppo. Excluding Ultra Instinct, Vegeta seemed like the stronger of the two, given how Jiren came to respect him. But like Solid Snake said, it's not gonna be easy. Toppo walks away after a hard, probably extreme diff fight.


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        SSBE Vegeta is stated to be equal to SSB Kaioken Goku and he barely overcame Toppo in the end. Given that the two are equals, Goku should be able to do the same somehow with a life risking attack.


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          Obviously Toppo wins. Vegeta who was equivalent to SSBKKx20 was getting his ass beat by Toppo until he got his boost. The same would have happened to Goku


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            Toppo was a bit less than prudent when he embraced the transcendental hakaishin faculty. We didn't see using nearly the same variety of techniques as when he fought Goku during the preliminary match or whatever it was. Goku happens to boast a more varied moveset than Vegeta such as the Taiyoken and Instant Transmission.

            If the fight is prolonged then I see Toppo winning due to the exhaustive nature of the Kaioken. Goku needs to capitalise on his techniques and catch Toppo by surprise if he hopes to win this.


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              Goku beats Toppo like a drum. I don't buy into the idea that Vegeta just gets pride/rage boosts left and right without a transformation.