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Nail VS King Piccolo

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  • Nail VS King Piccolo

    -Equal PLs

    “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”

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    Hard to say. King Piccolo could win due to him fighting martial artists all his life, but you could argue Nail is skillful since he was personally trained by Guru. Overall, I'd say Nail has a higher chance of winning.


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      We see so little of Nail in combat. The Grand Elder hails him as being a "true warrior" brought up in the ways of combat. Take of that what you will. King Piccolo represents half of the famed Child of Katas "genius" with experience in actual combat against martial artists. What this leads me to believe is that KP would be the victorious one.


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        I'd give the edge to King Picconose since he's got better hearsay skill IMO.


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          Nail was stated as being the only Namekian of having an abnormally high battle power, so him being a true warrior could be due to just having a huge gap on his companion's 2 to 3k battle powers.

          King Piccolo at least has a portfolio of actual combat against those that are around his level power and skills, and he has way more fighting experience since he's older by default as well.

          The one thing I will say Nail has an advantage in however is his Ki manipulation and stamina. So he could win out if he fights long range.

          Also, can King Piccolo create offsprings?

          Regardless, I see King Piccolo winnings more so between these two.


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            King Piccolo spawning offspring wouldn't be doing him any favours, they're just a fraction of his power and wouldn't be an issue for someone equal to Piccolo himself. We already saw what happened to Drum when Goku kicked him, after he got a boost that put him on Piccolo's league.

            “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


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              Fair enough. But I still stand by my original points though. Close range is in King Piccolo's favor and long range is in Nail's.