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kefla vs Broly

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  • kefla vs Broly

    They both start in base and then start increasing. Who takes this fight?

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    Moved to versus

    As for the topic, I'd give it to Broly. Iirc he was doing better against SSG than Kefla was. But I've only seen both fights once, so I could be forgetting.


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      SSJ2 Kefla >> Ikari Broly >>>> SSJ Kefla >>>>> Base Kefla >/< Base Broly.

      I see Base Kefla being a little superior to Base Broly, and both can gain power in a crazy way throught the fight. since I think Broly's adaptive power is better than Kefla's, the girl sooner than later will be forced to use Super Saiyan. this one will give Broly the beating of his life which will make Broly use his Ikari mode.

      Now, Ikari Broly against SSJ Kefla will be an really one sided battle, as Ikari Broly could fight on par with SSJB Goku (post-ToP), whom I have a bit above UIO1 Goku in power. so Kefla will be forced to use SSJ2.

      SSJ2 Kefla and Ikari Broly could be arguably comparable as both are above UIO1 Goku in power. Though I see Kefla's showings and power scaling above UIO1 a lot more impressive so I think she should beat Broly if she does it fast enough. and since there wouldn't be anyone who would try to trigger Broly to use SSJ this only comes down to Ikari Broly against SSJ2 Kefla.

      Now if Broly somehow manages to unlock his SSJ form against Kefla, Kefla is done for. She would get horribly stomped.
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        Base Broly <<< Base Broly (powered up) ~ Base Vegeta <<< Base Broly (further powered up) ~ SS1 Vegeta <<< SSG Vegeta < Rage Mode Broly <<< Rage Mode Broly (buff) =< SSB Vegeta <<< SS1 Broly

        That's what I got from the movie, so assuming Goku and Vegeta haven't gotten much stronger since the tournament, it would take a buff Rage Mode Broly to beat Base Kefla, and SS1 Broly to take on either of her transformations. LSS Broly would absolutely trounce her, though.
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          LSSJ Broly absolutely stomps her as Pyrus mentioned. SSJ Broly is also enough for SSJ2 Kefla as well, imo.


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            Oh wow, I didn't even realize they were increasing power. I thought it was just them in base form. Yeah, Broly absolutely demolishes.