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Goku vs. Android 19 (Temporal Do-over)

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  • Goku vs. Android 19 (Temporal Do-over)

    If Goku were to get a Temporal Do-over from Whis that was long enough to place him back at the very beginning of the fight after succumbing to the heart virus, thereby losing to 19, would the battle turn out differently? I like to think that if Goku wwere aware that he had a limited amount of time before the virus would render him incapacitated, and not to use any kind of ki-blast, that he would be able to take down the cyborg.

    -We'll assume he won't bother teleporting home to take the antidote, as it probably wouldn't keep him from collapsing like before
    -We'll also assume that Gero won't intervene if Goku is winning, as he darn sure didn't when Veggie was pummeling him.

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    Can't see how things would have turned out differently here. Goku's hands are still tied with respect to any substantial means of neutralising #19. Sure he could try to physically hammer #19 into submission but as you mentioned, he's on a limited time-table. His only hope would involve a two-fold strategy of relinquishing a small portion of his ki as a distractive stimulant and beacon for Goku to lock onto as he prepares a Kamehameha right before teleporting directly behind #19 via the aforementioned ki blast's signature.


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      Well, if he was hammering #19 down as a Super Saiyan he could defeat him with Kaioken up to 15 and one shot 19. These Androids aren't that strong to me to be honest.


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        He didn't have kaioken as a super saiyan at that time though, if that's what you mean.

        I think Goku might still struggle. What would he realistically do to destroy 19? He isn't used to fighting in a ruthless way like say Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Vegeta or Trunks are. He tends to go easy on opponents, so might not know how to end it quickly against someone as strong as 19 without using a ki blast.
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          Since Goku is aware he can't kill 19 with Ki blasts right off the bat and he has a time limit, he'll probably try ripping out his arms just like Vegeta did and then one shot him with a Ki blast.