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Vegeta (30 000) vs Zarbon (Transformed)

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  • Vegeta (30 000) vs Zarbon (Transformed)

    Who would take if they fought legit?

    Vegeta seemed to rely less so on his latest Zenkai than Zarbon not accounting for said Zenkai and underestimating him. In his previous fights, Vegeta was able to rely on his power advantage, but, in their last fight, he felt the need to blind Zarbon and deal preemptive damage.

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    He probably did that because they were still relatively close in power, so it's possible both wouldn't end up walking out of there alive, with Zarbon still winning most fights in the end.

    “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


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      Vegeta still wins, but he comes out of there really tired and taking extra wounds that he couldn't afford right then and there. I have Zarbon below 30,000 but close enough that he'd have been able to fight back for a while and maybe even escape the fight(which would be really bad for Vegeta)


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        I've heard the estimate of 28,000 get thrown around quite a bit to describe Monster Zarbon's power. For me, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. In this case, such a number would place Zarbon within the sphere of providing a serious challenge to Vegeta while still being at a disadvantage. Vegeta would probably still win but he's going to have his work cut out for him. I have to wonder if Zarbon's bulked monstrous form wouldn't bridge some of the raw power gap that exists.


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          Personally, I'm usually find with anywhere from 29 000 to 34 000. Vegeta (24 000) is able to handle Dodoria and Zarbon 1st state without problem. Zarbon's Monster state seems to have to been closer to Vegeta (30 000) than Zarbon's first state is to Vegeta (24 000) for Vegeta (30 000) to consider skipping a proper fight.

          Good answers though, everyone.


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            With all of those things said, the fight would certainly go on longer. But it'd still be Vegeta's victory.


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              Vegeta always felt to me that he could have won the fight without any trick since he was confident to take on Zarbon again

              So he wins, but like the others, it's a harder fight.


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                I'd give it to Zarbon. Vegeta was greater so stressed Zarbon forgetting about Zenkai than the actual Zenkai gain.