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Freeza (Namek) vs Android 20 & Android 19

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  • Freeza (Namek) vs Android 20 & Android 19

    Can Freeza defeat Android 20? What about Android 19?
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    Tough to say, honestly. We have evidence for both sides. We still know that #19, even after gaining a lot of power (as per Gero's words) post absorbing the KMHMH was still considered by Vegeta to be a far cry in relation to what they were told by Trunks, implying #19 post wasn't in a level he could soundly outclass Trunks. So I'd say that #19 pre any absorptions could be accurately placed at Freeza's level or below, given the lack of any direct info comparing both and only a statement from Vegeta implying he wasn't that stronger than Trunks even post absorptions.

    As for #20 pre, while he didn't accomplish too much pre absorptions, his post absorptions self seemed at least strong enough to the point to which Piccolo would put his strength validity into check -- considering the likelihood that he was indeed as strong as foretold and them, therefore, having grown too strong. So his post absorption self could soundly defeat Freeza imo, and whilst his pre absorption self is still quesrionable, I'd say he could accomplish such as well as his absorptions gains didn't seem all that significant to me.


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      Tien theorised that androids like #19 don't feel fatigue or pain. It would go a long way towards explaining why he didn't express any kind of afflicted reaction towards Goku's persistent attacks. Were I to suggest any alikeness to other fights then it would probably be Mystic Gohan vs Super Buu. Such a power discrepancy is substantial but not gulflike. Superiority to Freeza shouldn't be all too difficult by this point in time for the main Z-Warriors (outside of the humans) and the antagonists. Admittedly, it's not impossible for Mecha Freeza to have parity with #19 before he absorbed Goku's Kamehameha, provided you think his power grew substantially enough thanks to the cybernetic upgrades and the android is given a more leveled estimate. One is a far cry from the other though. I think both Gero and his android were stronger than fully organic Namek arc Freeza and even Mecha Freeza/SSJ Goku from Namek - not sure about Goku after having visited Planet Yardrat.

      My opinion is that the artificial fighters can handle the tyrant. Regardless of Freeza potentially being initially stronger for some, his lack of familiarity with the energy absorption nodes and pechant for becoming less and less rational when pushed into a corner would prove to be fatal factors that help in determining the outcome of this fight.


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        Namek Freeza is a joke to the Android Saga heavy hitters, including the fake androids. Even Mecha Freeza may be utterly outclassed by the androids without their absorptions. They're strong enough to take hits from a powered up Super Saiyan, something Freeza can't do.


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          Frieza gets his butt handed to him individually.