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Fused Ginyu Force VS Everyone

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  • Fused Ginyu Force VS Everyone

    by albertocubatas: https://www.deviantart.com/albertocu...orce-513532758

    Round 1: The Ginyu Force members use the Metamoran fusion
    Round 2: The Ginyu Force members use the Potara fusion
    Round 3: The Ginyu Force members use the same method as the two 17s in GT or Abo and Cado in the OVA.

    How far do they get in each round, be it the Namek Saga or beyond?

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    What in the world?! Is that actually what a hypothetical 5-way fusion between all of them would look like? It's sort of grotesque in its mismatched array of disparate features.

    Moving on to the question at hand - with a conservative estimate for the Metamoran fusion, everyone would still have to equalise their powers with Guldo's as he's the weakest of the group here. So if Guldo has a power level of 10,000 and there's a subsequent quintuple fusion then at a minimum I think they should reach a power level of 500,000. Using that estimate, Freeza in his first form might be defeatable as the Ginyu fusion does possess some valuable abilities.

    Round 2: Didn't the recent Broly movie clarify that the Metamoran and Potara fusions are comparably equal to each other with respect to potency? What might allow the Potara fusion to still provide greater strength is the fact that all of the potential strength of everyone is used. No one has to diminish their strength in order to accommodate someone else. As a result, I think this fusion could handle the likes of Freeza in his third form or Vegeta after his final zenkai on Namek. Shoudl he take advantage of Guldo's psychic abilities then Freeza with his initial power in final form and Base Goku from Namek might be defeatable.

    Round 3: I don't really follow GT or the OVAs well enough to give an opinion on this.