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Gohit(goku hit fusion dance) vs kefla and saonel(pilina absorbed)

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  • Gohit(goku hit fusion dance) vs kefla and saonel(pilina absorbed)

    In this version of TOP, Hit's time cage works and he is able to knock out jiren before he can break free.hit goes over to goku and goku tells him his plan that he will revive the Universes if his team wins and asks Hit if he will help.Hit,having alot of respect for Goku, agrees.Goku teaches Hit the fusion dance and together they fuse into Gohit.Champa,seeing this and pissed hit is helping U7.he orders for the secret weapons to be used,which causes Caulifla and Kale to fuse into Kefla.Saonel and Pilina seeing this and thinking they could use help, have pilina fuse into saonel,granting the now lone U6 namek a massive power boost.Can these two fusions of U6 most powerful warriors beat the fusion of the greatest saiyan of U7 and their own universes greatest assassin?

    No time limit for fusions, Gohit has all of goku and hit's techniques