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Z Sword Gohan vs. M10 Broly

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  • Z Sword Gohan vs. M10 Broly

    Gohan after training with the Sword but just prior to having his abilities awakened goes up against Broly from 2nd coming. However, he doesn’t have SSJ2.

    I have Gohan losing with just the normal SS form, though he is able to do some damage (Broly doesn’t effortlessly tank all attacks like in the movies). With the Ultra and Master SS forms, I think he takes it.

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    Gohan post sword training is a lot stronger than he is before, and while wielding the sword, Gohan would definitely give Broly more trouble than he would without one, but Broly still beats him with mid difficulty, IMO.


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      It's pretty obvious that Broli takes this, but it's not easy for him. I say Gohan holds on for a while due to his skill level and reserves, but Broli wins with moderate difficulty.

      If this was with his SSJ2 however, the outcome would be very different...