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Old Broly VS New Broly

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  • Old Broly VS New Broly

    Which do you prefer, and why?

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    New Broly because he has less ridiculous motivations, although he's a little too OP even considering he's this late in the game.


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      On nearly every level, the new Broly for sure.

      But on a pure like, holy shit this dude is unbeatable kind of level. Old Broly from Movie 8 has that in spades.


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        On literally every level for me it's the new Broli. I really liked this one actually having... you know, depth to his character. He was quite interesting. The movie was also a cool depiction of abuse and trauma that you don't really get to see in Dragon Ball. I enjoyed the fact that he was the underdog in his own movie at almost every point, it was more believable that way and he felt more grounded than he did in movie 8 or 10 of DBZ.
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          New Broly by far. I think his design, backstory, and even personality are miles ahead of how he was in DBZ. I didn't hate the old Broly, really the main reason I ended up not liking him was because of the Broly fans. But there were many problems with him like his motivation and obsessive desire to kill Goku. I also think Broly being a good guy until he loses his mind worked and correlated well with losing his mind. I'm fairly certain they stated his Wrath State was him using the Great Ape form in base. I love the character a lot in DBS and I hope we see more from him in the future.