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Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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    Originally posted by PF18 View Post

    It's not really "retconning" anything because Toriyama isn't actually retconning anything he originally wrote. We still have a scene where Bardock is engulfed in Freeza's ki blast in a dramatic scene, so it doesn't necessarily contradict the manga.

    And as far as the very little dialogue, I was disappointed with that too, but they just didn't have enough time.
    Yeah, after rewatching the movie I see that it actually does still include that moment between Bardock and Frieza, we just don't actually see it. When Frieza is about to throw his Supernova there are people ahead seen. Then shows Bardock a bit later in space (which I thought he was on the planet) with damaged armor and throwing his attack.


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      Ok, here are my two cents. Not going to insert spoilers tags, because I don't see the point in people coming to this topic if they haven't seen the movie yet.

      First of all, I am really wondering if the movie is going to be canon? From what I've read, it might be, and also introduced in the official Dragon Ball timeline. What's bad is that the previous Broly movies are going to be disregarded - in my opinion, they ought to be even canceled, so that the inconsistency won't be too damn obvious. Now moving on...

      What I liked:

      - Very good graphics; it feels like the good ol' Dragon Ball artwork and animation, adapted to present times. Now THIS is what Super should have done from the very beginning. Also, SSJB Gogeta looks better than SSJB Vegetto.

      - Decent insight on the past; I pretty much enjoyed the idea of treating the timeline pre-Dragon Ball with highlights on Goku's family and the Saiyans we know. Although, I imagined Gine would be bulkier and more Saiyan-like. But still, the life of Saiyans starting with Bardock and Gine and finishing with Vegeta and Nappa driving to Earth deserves, in my opinion, at least 1-2 OVAs.


      - Is the timeline distorted?! The film supposedly started 41 years before present DBS time, and Bardock sent baby Goku on Earth '5 years later' -> 36 years ago?? How the heck is Goku supposed to be 36 with a grown-up son and a toddler granddaughter? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

      - King Vegeta's plan - so he was threatened by the universe's most powerful and feared ruler. He wanted to remove himself from this. He had Broli who seemed promising enough - yet he tried to dispose of him? I mean, they lived in a world of high-tech, what could have stopped him from simply implanting a control device in Broli and using him as the ultimate weapon against Frieza? Turns out Saiyans are more prideful than smart.

      - Paragus loving towards Broli? There's always a mystery with this character. Now he's the oh-so-sacrificing father, next day he's willing to destroy or abandon his own son. But that's not really something I've put too much thought in it.
      Also, Broly mourning his father's death, after he was being a jerk? Might as well guess he was having the Stockholm Syndrome.

      - Trunks and Goten still freakin' children? They should be teenagers by now.

      - How come Beerus is so friendly? I mean, I understand his character development from BoG, but still, changing from the mighty and fearsome god of destruction who'd obliterate a planet just because it doesn't serve tasty food, to one of the group's lackeys who'd take care for a baby if he's forced to, baffles me. Maybe he got the Tien-Piccolo-Vegeta treatment.

      - Broly not strong enough to break a collar? He can almost face a god of destruction but not break a damn device?

      - Broly strong enough to beat Goku and Vegeta with no training? I mean, what happened with the U6 Saiyans was bad enough. But it seems that the concept of Broly is being recycled endlessly to serve every new setting and his power permanently uplifted. It's like there's 5-6 movies of him already, but each time we are presented with a completely new character. But the idea itself is still ridiculous. A mere mortal who lived on a mere planet and never went SSJ before suddenly stands up to two overly-trained Saiyans with GOD power and impressive battle experience? I call bull****. Next movie we should expect him to match Zeno.

      - Why go SSJG, Goku and Vegeta? I find this form obsolete, along with its other precursors.

      - My biggest bug: If Broly had such a tremendous potential, why wasn't he picked for the ToP? The Kais, the gods, the angels, or maybe Zuno, if they would've sought him, should be aware of his potential and recommend him as candidate.

      - And finally, at the end: how come Shenron suddenly grants only one wish?

      Still, the movie really left me wishing that Goku would eventually, sometime, meet his parents. And I also must admit that I've never had a problem with the previous Broly. It's like as someone before me said - he is supposed to be the real Legendary Super Saiyan, the zenith of the Saiyan race, a powerful, fierce, yet primitive-minded creature, who loses control when he powers up - just like in Oozaru form. Someone to complement the nature of the Earth's Saiyans. I can never get accustomed to Good Guy Broly.

      Also, yes, as somebody mentioned, increasing the power lore to gods, angels, and stuff, only served to decrease the tension. You just know they gonna win.
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        Just watched the movie last night. The animation and fighting were amazing and kept getting better as the movie went on. Vegeta finally had some action in a film that didn't make him look useless which was fun to see. Broli's new character develompent is nice and makes more sense if they are to use him in more films. The old Broli would be hard to get on the Z fighters side if ever need be. The only thing that bothered me like many others have said was the lack of tension with Whis and Beerus being present there never was any danger. Other issues is Goku in base form being stronger than SSJSSGBlue Vegeta and Golden Frieza. Gogeta's character was really done well and my god I wish they'd make the Fusion characters in there own right so much could be brought from a Vegito vs Gogeta movie in the future. Definitely the best Dragon Ball movie in recent memory imo
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          It just doesn't feel like Broly is a bigger deal than Jiren, Jiren is the legendary mortal that "not even a god of destruction can defeat", a mortal who has honed that power long enough to be legendary. Broly is an amateur who just appeared on the scene and doesn't even have any real training under his belt. I get that Broly is meant to be this crazy saiyan phenomenon but it doesn't feel in the movie that he's earned the status of "strongest mortal in the multiverse" why would Goku compare him to Beerus and not Jiren if Jiren is the biggest benchmark and is the strongest opponent Goku has faced?

          I guess it could be that this is a movie and Beerus is set up in the movie as somebody really strong and anyone who hasn't actually watched Super wouldn't know who Jiren is. It makes it more of a standalone film that Jiren isn't a part of I suppose. It's still weird though. "possibly stronger than Beerus" doesn't sound like he's much stronger than Vegetto blue was back against Zamasu because Vegetto blue was given the same praise. It was uncertain but Vegetto may have been ahead, I kind of put Broly in the same ballpark.


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            Beerus will forever be a measuring stick. We'll always get dudes who might be "even stronger than a god of destruction!!!", if not outright stated/shown to surpass a god of destruction. And the next guy'll will still be compared to a god of destruction because that'll forever be treated as an impressive benchmark.

            That's the impression I get, at least. I think part of the reason why I really liked this movie is that I watched it completely disengaged from all that power-scaling minutiae.


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              Originally posted by Topographic Oceans View Post
              Beerus will forever be a measuring stick. We'll always get dudes who might be "even stronger than a god of destruction!!!", if not outright stated/shown to surpass a god of destruction. And the next guy'll will still be compared to a god of destruction because that'll forever be treated as an impressive benchmark.

              That's the impression I get, at least. I think part of the reason why I really liked this movie is that I watched it completely disengaged from all that power-scaling minutiae.
              I agree, it's getting quite annoying. What's the harm in introducing characters that are stronger than him? If they want to keep with the show, Beerus gotta be surpassed definitely, and by that I mean stop saying "Probably" or "Perhaps" stronger than a god of destruction.

              Imagine we were in the Buu saga, and you had Goku saying "Man, This Buu sure is powerful! I'd say he's probably stronger than Frieza!"

              But past the power scaling issues, this movie is a treat to watch. Broly here is far better than he was in the trilogy, but that wasn't hard to do tbh


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                Because it turns Beerus into a fool. He's seemingly destroyed entire worlds on a whim or because the food they gave him wasn't delicious enough and yet he senses a battle involving an out of control raging mortal who has powered up to god of destruction tier after a short scuffle with Goku and Vegeta and yet he does... nothing? He just allows this mortal who threatens him and the entire universe to live? Goku and Beerus colliding fists back in the BOG arc allegedly would have destroyed everything and Beerus does nothing about threats closing in on his level of power who have no self control? The only way it makes sense is if Beerus is still lying about how strong he actually is and these "threats" he's leaving to Goku and Vegeta aren't actually threats to him at all because if they are, he's weirdly okay with it for a destroyer god meant to command the respect of every mortal in the cosmos.