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DBS Manga Battle of Gods saga review

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  • DBS Manga Battle of Gods saga review

    The Battle of Gods saga in the manga is a bit weird: since the story was already covered in the movies, the manga skipped most of it and only focused on the basic plotpoints and the fight against Beerus that retconned the previous canon where Goku absorbed the God powers into his base state.

    It fixed the "god powers into the base state" idea which in my opinion was a mistake from the first second I saw it, and it established a new canon where the power levels are much easier to track for us as the readers.

    It doesn't work narratively speaking unless you've watched the movies or the anime. As a quick reminder is good (and that's what it was meant to be) but if you take the DBS manga as a product then the BoG saga is the weakest of them all.

    3.5/10: it is what it was supposed to be, but now that the DBS manga has turned to be the main canon and not just promotional material for the anime it doesn't work and it isn't the saga the manga deserves to have as its starting point.