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Moro saga mid-review

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  • Moro saga mid-review

    With this last manga chapter (54) I think we're at the middle of the Moro saga, maybe a bit past it even, so I'll write my impressions on it until this point.


    - Interesting new villian that doesn't rely on the usual "I'm the strongest being" trope. He's dangerous, but because of his magic and not his strength.

    - Interesting plot that besides expanding the DB universe and backstory will also have some unexpected twists like the best parts of the Cell saga (Meerus an angel working for the Galactic Patrol? I hope it's justified why he didn't capture Freezer, because he clearly could do it).

    - A saga that bives the other z-warriors their own share of good fights. Yeah, in the TOP we also had that (and in general, I think that Toyotarou is better than even Toriyama when it comes to give a relevant role to the secondary characters. I mean, Trunks helped Goku and Vegeta much, much more against Black than he did against Cell even when his power was comparatively much weaker in the Black saga than it ever was in the Cell saga -compared to Goku, that is-), but we've just had nearly 2 45 page chapters of Gohan & Piccolo vs that alien robot which is unlike anything we ever got in the TOP.

    - The "spirit" training Vegeta is doing in Yadrat is also something I have a lot of hopes into. It ties with some story bits from Z, it expands the concept of what can or can't be done in DB and it comes from Yadrat which was also the excuse Toriyama used when he wanted to introduce special techniques so it's also justified from a plot perspective and doesn't come as some weird invention tackled over what we already knew.


    - I wan't to see how the Bu thing goes. I mean, I didn't care about Bu having the memories of the main KaioShin and even increasing his power as a result of having them (in DB mental strength is always a factor), but him turning into the Kayoshin itself... Nah, I want Bu to continue being Bu.

    - The plot could be more organic. I mean, Moro is going through all the U7 searching for the strongest fighters and energy and still hasn't run into Freezer?
    I mean, I hope this saga doesn't end without Freezer appearing, because unless a very convincing explanation isn't given in the saga that will come after this one, I can't understand why Moro and Freezer haven't clashed yet.

    Overall: A very good saga, the only things I'm not 100% aboard can be fixed in the next chapters and it can easily be the best saga of the whole Dragon Ball Super manga (and considering that the Black Saga was already in my top 5 of DB sagas, that's quite the feat here).


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    Moro is a GOAT