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Freeza's Wealth

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  • Freeza's Wealth

    How rich do you think Freeza is? I was watching the Broly film again and I wondered that after he paid the 2 for finding Broly and Paragus.

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    the guy is the biggest mobster in space. he trades PLANETS. he is RICH. probably among the richest in the multiverse, if not the the richest.
    if there is a dragon ball multiverse forbes, i can assure you, he is there.


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      At least he used to sell planets. Who was keeping up with his riches during his long death? Also, who was he selling planets to? It's not like whoever it was could stop him from just taking whatever he wanted save Beerus or Buu...


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        I think in practice his wealth would be measured by land more than money. Which would be exorbitantly wealthy and beyond the concept.


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          Yeah, Freeza is super wealthy. Maybe not in coin but in terms of slavery and such things.


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            He lives comfortably when 90% of the universe is in ruins and enslaved and he made off a living of that, so, he's easily the richest being that has ever lived in Dragon Ball. However, I believe he isn't as wealthy as he used to be as his army became a laughingstock in the universe but he's slowly but surely rebuilding his empire back.


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              I would say he's super wealthy, but with him being dead for so long, you would think his wealth would've taken a massive drop and most who are loyal to him should've broken away by the time he's resurrected. Because I wouldn't be surprised if most people were loyal only out of fear, and not out of true loyalty, so only those who were truly loyal to him should've still been around. However, even those numbers should be very small because he showed to be greatly inferior on Namek and on Earth, along with his father. So, I really don't see Frieza having much wealth left by the time he's resurrected.