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Ultra intinct, evolved blue, or something else?

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  • Ultra intinct, evolved blue, or something else?

    In the anime, goku cannot access ultra instinct at will, so he and vegeta are both equal with ssjbkkx20 and evolved blue respectively, however in the manga only vegeta has an accessible power beyond ssjb. So do you think goku will unlock ultra instinct permanently and then vegeta follows suit making them both equal again, or will goku unlock evolved blue, or something entirley different

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    I don't think Vegeta is going to unlock UI, and I think its too soon for Goku to gain control over it so Goku achieving Vegeta's augmented SSJB or even a more advanced form of that is what I would do.
    On the other hand, Goku is going to train the UI with Meerus so anything can happen.
    The UI feels a bit like the Kaioh Ken from the writter's perspective, an interesting concept that can backfire if you're not careful with it.


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      i think its clear they are going in a direction of vegeta to evolve the blue god form and goku for mastery of ultra instinct. the question is how many arcs are left before the manga ends. he will most likely truly master it on the last few chapters of the last struggle.
      and it might be the wisest move they made, its time for each of them to go for their own path.

      we still havent seen the power of the 4 universes.