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The worst crimes of the DBS anime Part 2: killing the plot

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  • The worst crimes of the DBS anime Part 2: killing the plot

    When it comes to plot, DB is surely an inconsistent franchise even in the manga. Until the "Z" part of the anime, the manga was somewhat consistent in that the plots were simple and the charm came from the dramatic situations and the fights themselves.

    But entering "Z" (just a way to speak, I know there's no "Z" in the manga), Toriyama decided to not only evolve the fights through the power-levels system he invented that set a number of rules that would be followed until the end of the series and in Super (only the manga), but also deliver more well thought out plots.

    The saiyans saga gives Goku an interesting past and expands the universe of the series a lot.
    The Namek saga was the first one that left Goku on the bench for the most part (until the big fights started) and that allowed for very original developements between Vegeta, the earthlings and the Freeza army. It's plot was on the simplistic side again, but it's writting was much, much better than anything pre-Z.
    The Cell saga has Dragon Ball's most complex plot, with various timelines originated from changes in the past, the story being told through the 3rd timeline and not the first one and in summary, designing a plot that not even the official guides like the Daizenshuus managed to comprehend (and no, it wasn't Toriyama's fault by any means, the Cell saga is GOOD and everything can be given a logical and plausible explanation).
    Finally, the Bu saga. While the weakest because Toriyama changed his mind in the middle of it (the tone was as serious as in the Cell saga in the begginning only to turn nearly into a parody once Bu is resurrected) it still tried to tell a somewhat coherent story.

    Because no matter how simplistic or complex the plot was, at least it tried to be coherent (and achieved it in most cases).

    Now let's see what the anime does when there aren't any movies to copy from:

    U6 Tournament saga: In the manga Goku completely surpasses Hit with his SSJBlue and retires because he knows Hit hasn't been able to use his best techniques and mostly because he wants to see Monaka.
    Hit, in his turn, acknowledges Goku and returns him the favour by leting Monaka win.
    It can be questioned whether an assassin like Hit would be so noble but it's at least a decision that has it's logic behind.

    Now the anime. Goku turns SSJBlue + KKx10 and initially surpases Hit, but then Hit manages to put himself at Goku's level because fuck logic (I'll coment on this on part 3). Then Goku resigns again for what seems to be the same reasons than in the manga but just after retiring his body collapses because he can't resist the KKx10 anymore.
    If I were Hit, the first thing I would've thought seeing this is that Goku is a moron that retired before collapsing just to make himself look good and not lose clearly against me in the next five seconds.
    Even then, in the next match against Monaka Hit loses on purposes because he wants to... to befriend or ask Goku to go on a date or something?
    There was absolutely no reason for Hit to let Monaka win in the anime, yet he did it regardless because that's how Toriyama wrote the saga ended.

    Goku Black Saga: This one is the worst written DB saga in every single aspect.
    But concentrating on the plot, the biggest crime is that what had been established before in the series on how time-travel works isn't respected. The main plot of the saga is that Black comes from the future and fights Goku, then Goku fights Zamasu because of his fight with Black, Zamasu then changes bodies with Goku, goes to Trunk's future killing nearly everyone and goes back to the original timeline to fight Goku causing Goku to fight his past self and creating himself. This circular logic on time travel contradicts the very existence of parallel realities but fuck logic, this is Toeeiiii!!!

    And it even contradicts itself again because since the plot was designed (by Toriyama) to work with parallel realitites, there still have to be parallel realities thus existing 2 contradictory time travelling mechanics in the same saga. Great.

    The Zenkais on Black made absolutely no sense. He healed and recovered at will while also increasing his power and he also stoped having those zenkais when the plot demanded Goku or Vegeta to win. No reason given on why Black's Zenkays are authomatic and without any healing, on why he stops having them or on anything. Pure nonsense.

    The plot didn't even progress in the most evident and logical ways. So Goku trains the mafuba to beat Zamasu... and once he reaches the future he completely forgots about it and it's Trunks, who has learned the technique after seeing a video recorded at Piccolo's mobile phone, who does it. Why? WHY?
    I mean, it's retarded even for Toei standards. And of course, Trunks also learned the Genkidama and evolved it to turn it into a sword and this time without seeing any video of it anywhere. Of course, Trunks has never seen the Genkidama (it wasn't used even once in the Cell saga) but hey, FUCK LOGIC THIS IS TOEI!!!!

    And finally, the characters are written as if they were all a bunch of luffies/kid-Gohans, or in other words, 5 year old kids who can't comprehend anything that's not explicitly said.
    I know that the "rage power-ups" are a nice tool that allows you to design seemingly impossible scenarios and then resolve them because pum! Rageboost!, but that's just bad and lazy writting.

    In the original manga the rage boosts were used very intelligently. The only "cheap" use of a rage-boost was in the fight against Raditz, which served as it's introduction and probably was designed only to show what Gohan was capable of.

    But following the Raditz fight, the rage boosts are never used as a way to resolve a fight or a seemingly inescapable situations.
    In the one Goku has against Freezer, we were teased from long before of the existence of the SSJ and we reached a satisfactory conclusion with the Genkidama. The SSJ doesn't feel cheap because Goku had just "won" the fight a moment ago. Freezer then did the impossible survivng it and Goku turned SSJ, but that was more of a rematch than a way to solve the situation. In other words, if Toriyama desired it Freezer could've been killed with the Genkidama and it would still have been a satisfactory and hard-earned win for Goku.
    And in the Cell fight the rage boost wasn't just a coincidence that happened to happen but something that Cell actively wanted and provoked.

    Now in the Black Saga, everyone has nonsensical rageboosts all of a sudden.
    Goku has to be told that Black killed his wife and sons after changing his body, as if he's retarded enough to not understand this after seeing how much of a psycho Black is.
    Trunks receives a rage boost only because he is told by Zamasu that his time travels caused everything (I still don't understand this because it was clearly Goku that motivated Zamasu's actions) but didn't have one seeing how Black killed his mother in front of him or the massacre Black was causing in the future.

    The "infinite Zamasu" thing. So Trunks uses his genki-sword and disintegrates Zamasu who all of a sudden wasn't so immortal but then he fuses with the "reality" and tons of Zamasu's appear on the sky and... fuck you Toei, FUCK YOU.

    And of course Zamatsu's immortality: how does it work? Because once he's fused he has a mortal half and an immortal one but the only difference is that the mortal one turns into a mass of purple meat and that's it. Not even Vegitto Blue attacks can disintegrate the purple part and once Trunk's Genki-sword evaporates him the immortal part of his body disintegrates as easisly as the purple one. Nonsense.

    Tournament of Power Saga: It's just a tournament, so what can Toei fuck, right? Well, they managed to fuck nearly everything. In terms of plot this isn't as bad as the Black Saga just because it doesn't try to be serious and because for reasons I'll never comprehend Toei hired some actual good writters for at least a couple of chapters (chapters 94-95 if I recall well, the ones where Freezer comes back and is attacked by the assassins of U9).

    That being said, everything else in terms of plot is a mess.
    Firstly, not even the "battle royale" aspect of the fight is respected. The saga turns into a succession of one vs ones (in some instances one vs two or two vs two, but nothing else for most of the fights) that involve the U7 members in every single chapter.

    Freezer's scheme to fool Frost? Bullshit. He wasted more energy faking his fight with Gohan in his Golden Form than it would've taken him to defeat Frost with it.
    By comparison, in the manga he sacrificed Krilin and Ten to convince Frost, then used Frost to erase the whole U9 without wasting energy and once Frost was exhausted he eliminated him with ease.

    Jiren? What a joke of a character. The manga one may not be the best DB villian to date but at least he had a personality. The one in the anime? He just acted like he was big shit while sitting without doing nothing remarcable.

    And of course, the main plot point of the saga.
    So Zeno thinks there're too many universes and decides to erase 8 of them. Then Goku reminds him of the tournament and he decides which one of those 8 universes will survive with said Tournament... and then the tournament ends, A17 asks for every erased universe to come back to life and then we're told that this is what Zeno wanted in the first place, and that if 17s wish had been something selfish U7 would've been eliminated as well.
    How the hell was Zeno expecting a wish to resurrect every Universe IF he in the first place had forgotten about the Tournament and wanted to erase those 8 universes without giving them even a chance to survive? How does this make any sense exactly? Of course it doesn't, that's why in the manga this is never said and why it's the true canon.

    Toei's writters always manage to bring the concept of shitty writting to the next level and thanks to the manga (that tells us the real story of DBS) we can compare and see how the very same ideas can produce very different results depending on the talent of who develops them.
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