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Legendary Super Saiyan, Genetic Trait?

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  • Legendary Super Saiyan, Genetic Trait?

    Sorry if I missed this if it was stated somewhere. But is legendary super saiyan an entirely genetic trait? As in you cant learn it, you must be born with it. And is it also presumably a recessive trait, since Paragus didnt have it, but his son Broly did?

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    i dont think it is the case. i guess broly is the very first who posesses the mutant gene At least thats what i recall unless the very first ssj from the manga canon is his ancestor


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      Hard to know exactly. Broly is the only character we've seen with this "fury" form that has Great Ape in his base form. His Super Saiyan transformations stack onto that, so I feel it has something to do with it.


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        I don't think there's any particular reason for it to be genetic in anyway, I'm sure Goku didn't get his later absurd strength from his parents, being born of low blood (and weak even for his family) while Vegeta, despite being of royal blood and impressive in general. Hell, in Uub's case his power wasn't genetic or skill based, given he was able to give Goku (even discounting Super) a surprisingly good fight for a kid from a village because well, he's the reincarnation of Kid Buu.

        In this case, I'd say it's something to do with Broly himself, as in just Broly, not his parents, nor his lineage or anything like that. It's his soul perhaps? It's not who he was born from, but who he is.

        Genetic power doesn't really explain anything since he has little lineage worth noting (and Goku has basically no important lineage and is stronger than Freeza and Vegeta, both of whom clearly have better 'breeding' than him). Skill is obviously wrong since as was said, he only got to train with his father which is basically nothing. So I'd go for the more metaphysical being to put as the reason for his particular brand of strength.
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