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I can’t emphasize enough how bad DBS or DBS Broly is

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  • I can’t emphasize enough how bad DBS or DBS Broly is

    I don’t keep up with the events or episodes too often, but I can’t seem to comprehend how anyone could view the movie and episodes as anything canonical or special. Vegito got retconned, and the fusion only lasted 5 minutes compared to Gogeta’s, which is dumb. And they also gave Gogeta the same personality as Vegito, which was quite dumb too. Akira Toriyama is just lazy and not creative anymore. If you’re going to make Vegito and Gogeta, at least draw them correctly and DISTINGUISH them on screen. The potara fusion should have an advantage over the fusion dance due to how simple and powerful it is combining beings to begin with. The fusion should’ve lasted an hour like it did in the buu saga. DBS is a joke and it shouldn’t be canon at all. Also, Broly’s backstory got retconned too, he’s not the same Broly we used to know. And all of these white and blue transformations and villains AT keeps giving us are like ideas that would make sense only after DBGT reboot.

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    Originally posted by SSJSC View Post
    Also, Broly’s backstory got retconned too, he’s not the same Broly we used to know.
    Why is this bad exactly? The original movie wasn't a masterpiece, I don't think changing his backstory slightly is a bad thing.

    You're allowed to criticize the show if you want to, but you have nothing good to say about it?


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      Lol, if you think Broly was retconned you clearly don't know what the word means.


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        There’s not really any solid confirmation that gogeta and vegito are the same power

        broly’s backstory was retconned? Lol that broly never existed in the main story. They just made another and more interesting version of him for the main story. That original broly is not retconned. He still exists in that world


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          I loved DBS: Broly. DBS I also viewed in a much more positive light when viewing it with a less harsh lens the second time around and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the Broli movie was a refreshing addition to a franchise that often lacked layers or any deep character moments. The Broli movie certainly didn't do anything legendary in regards to that, but, it is something that has been lacking from Dragon Ball for a long time and even generally speaking. Broli wasn't canon before, ergo, he couldn't be retconned. Now he's canon, this isn't a retcon. Akira Toriyama did the story and design behind this Broli movie. He only did the character design for OG Broli from the Dragonball Z movies, he had literally nothing to do with the movies' plots nor his weak character in the non-canon DBZ Broli trilogy. Toriyama is the mangaka of the Dragon Ball series. Ergo, it's not a retcon. He didn't write the original Broli after all.

          Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks only lasted five minutes. Super Saiyan Blue is an even more advanced form. There was no real retcon on the potara/Vegetto either. The ONLY stated thing was Goku saying it might've been the "bad air" inside of Boo that caused them to defuse after the intentional absorption. The potara fission was never pursued any further. No actual explanation was ever given. That wasn't even a technical retcon. The Metamoran fusion vs. the potara fusion also was never stated to have a difference in power output. The Kaio-shin (can't remember if it was young or old) claimed the potara method was superior. He did not say why. Perhaps it was because to their (faulty) intel, they believed the potara fusion to be permanent. The Metamoran fusion was 30 minutes and almost certainly much less if any transformations occurred. As I said, SSj3 Gotenks defused in around five minutes. He could have simply meant the potara fusion was superior because that same thing wouldn't happen again.

          Hell, when Kaioshin said the potara were amazing (when watching Vegetto whomp Ultimate Boo (Gohan Absorbed)), Old Kaioshin retorted something like "dolt, those two have the power, and it doesn't hurt that they live to outdo each other." In that line, it hints against the potara being so mighty and supports my theory that the potara were simply considered "superior" due to the incorrect perception that the fusion was permanent. Akira Toriyama isn't a very deep writer and definitely writes on the fly, but, Super was not as bad as most people like to circlejerk into saying it was, nor was the animation "bad" much past the two movie arcs. And, in my opinion, the Broli movie was one of the best things to come out of this franchise in a VERY long time. Even my mother, who knows next to nothing at all about Dragon Ball deeply enjoyed the movie, as did I, and showed some real concern for Broli near the end of it. The movie was effective and definitely subverted expectations, which is something fresh and much needed in the Dragon Ball franchise.

          I fundamentally disagree with you. I would recommend watching it all through without a cynical lens, albeit, skipping the first two arcs and simply watching the movies. It's a shame that Toyotaro is the mangaka though, as the manga is far inferior compared to Toriyama as a mangaka. It's not even close, really. Toyotaro is a bad mangaka and that's a damn shame for the manga of Dragon Ball Super.

          Anyway, I've ranted and raved enough at this point. Sorry if it was only loosely based around the OP's thesis!
          Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!