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Reinventing super saiyan 4 in Super

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  • Reinventing super saiyan 4 in Super

    Broly nearly went ssj4. He tapped into the great ape form in his human body and then turned ssj. All that was left was to regain composure and be totally aware but he was just going crazy

    they are so close to having ssj4. Where do you think should go with this? Should they reinvent ssj4 and maybe leave it as a form unique to broly? I think ssj4 being unique to broly is definitely fitting seeing how broly already has a more savage looking design
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    What would a Super Saiyan 4 that uses the Oozaru's power but not the form itself even look like? Would Broli just gain red eye-liner in his buffed up base form? Super Saiyan 4 needs the fur and the tail, otherwise it's not much of change, which was a strong point for Super Saiyan 4. It was unique, visually.


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      If it were to be implemented somehow it definitely shouldn't be reinvented. The form is fine the way it is, if not perfect. Seeing as how they feed into fanservice so easily, I don't think it'd be farfetched if they for some reason did include it in Dragon Ball Super. Broly had some unique transformations, specifically that form that retains Great Ape in his normal state. So, really giving a new saiyan a unique new form isn't really all that farfetched. It would've been cool if they gave it to a Universe 6 saiyan or something, although they don't have tails . . .
      <a href=https://66.media.tumblr.com/a778744563b75011121936a823684030/tumblr_psl1u83vEI1qgwefso5_500.gif target=_blank>https://66.media.tumblr.com/a7787445...wefso5_500.gif</a>


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        I think Broly's form was it. That's what the new Super Saiyan 4 is now.


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          Broli's little "Great Ape power manifesting in base form" dealio is a FAAAAR cry from actually making the Great Ape transformation, going Super Saiyan at the same time to make it golden, and then regaining control and transforming even further into a yet-even-stronger half-monkey form.

          That is Super Saiyan 4, and it being included in stuff like Heroes as well as a ton of merchandise shows that it's here to stay and not being replaced anytime soon. I'd believe that Broli's Ape-powered-base thing was a bit of an homage to it, though. As far as power goes, then if he was still channeling the ape-strength even after going Super Saiyan, I guess it would leave him on a Golden Great Ape level if anything.