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new broly and kale

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  • new broly and kale

    Do they relate to each other somehow. I mean isnt kale retconed by new broly if not how come she didnt wreck the top if she is the same as new broly.

    Or maybe she has the same form but their base was so different that lssj kale waa rendered useless by half dead ssjgod goku while broly in his enchanted base could go toe on to with ssjg post top vegeta


    What do u think ?

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    Kale was made basically as a tribute to Broly and Broly was remade to canon. Different characters both spun off of the same one. I doubt they're connected in any way. Maybe they'll do something that says they're each other's alternate versions or something, but I definitely wouldn't count on it. Kale will probably be forgotten in all honesty.


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      Kale DID wreck the ToP. Go read the manga and see

      She would’ve in the anime too but Jiren stepped in and quickly beat her before her power grew a lot more and she could kill everyone. He could’ve done the same to broly. Broly’s power was growing fast but jiren or anyone else at his level could probably beat him faster than his power goes up. Like Gogeta. Broly was getting stronger but blue gogeta’s too strong for the rate broly’s power was going up
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        Kale also lacked self confidence in the anime which could have dampened her power somewhat. Broly is a tortured soul in other ways but he had no doubt in his own abilities, in fact he lived on a world where everything was an ant compared to him. Vegeta overpowering him (at first) came as quite a surprise whereas kale believed herself not good enough from the beginning. Kefla should probably have wrecked everyone within moments of her inception tough based on what Broly could do. Not to mention that Broly heralds from the saiyans whose top dog in recorded history had a power level of like 12,000 (kid Vegeta) and Kale comes from the saiyans who can compete with god ritual and angel trained saiyans with no such experiences themselves. Vegeta can no sell a every attack from ssj3 Gotenks in base and Cabba can push him somewhat and Caulifla can pop ssj and ssj2 in an afternoon and compete with god ki adapted ssj2s who must be hundreds of times ssj3 Gotenks at least. Kale is the legendary version of those saiyans and yet is somehow weaker than Broly of the clearly inferior tailed saiyans of universe 7?