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Fusion dance is that strong?

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  • Fusion dance is that strong?

    Ssj gogeta did better against broly than blue goku and vegeta did. But that’s insane

    I know in the manga we saw vegito was surprisingly strong against zamasu and probably god level. But for gogeta...is this a retcon? Because gotenks doesn’t gain from fusion dance anywhere near the gains that gogeta gets. Could it be because goku and vegeta are more of rivals than goten and trunks are? Has gogeta been retconned to be get similar gains as manga vegito?

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    The only thing to do at this point is just use head canon in all honesty. There's no consistency man.


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      It's not just Super Gogeta, base Gogeta arguably outperforms SSGSS Goku. When Goku deflects Super Saiyan Broli's standard Ki attacks, his clothes are ripped apart in the process, and there's noticeable effort being exerted on Goku's part. Base Gogeta nonchalantly deflects his Ki blasts.


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        The scaling is so needlessly frustrating. It's not the be all end all of an enjoyable series but does base Gogeta need to be stronger than blue Goku and Vegeta for it to be cool? It needlessly disregards what Goku said about fusion not being strong enough for Beerus and then Goku thinking he had a shot in ssjg, a power he described as "an entire new world". Now base Gogeta can outperform blue, which is the super saiyan version of the god form allegedly far beyond Vegetto? Why not just have Gogeta use ssjg from the beginning and save the scaling headache? Oh yeah... merchandise. Making the power increases astronomically ridiculous doesn't change the story at all, it just makes the power creep more ludicrous and hard to believe.


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          I think we had a discussion a while ago about base vegito in the manga and how him being god level against zamasu could potentially work out


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            Haven't watched the film but I do find it strange how a mortal devised technique like the Fusion Dance is somehow martially equatable to the "trump card" of the Kaioshins. You can't use the argument that the Metamorans are just so strong that their technique makes anyone that uses it enormously powerful - if anything, it's the opposite since the technique was created in order to give them a leg up. I don't think there's anything to argue that their society was comprised of ingenious martial arts technical practitioners or engineers either. What was the mindset of Toriyama and the content developers as they were making this film?


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              Originally posted by Thiln View Post
              What was the mindset of Toriyama and the content developers as they were making this film?
              As far as power-scaling goes, I think their stance was complete indifference. Nobody other than dedicated fans is keeping tabs on this stuff anymore.