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How do gods view forms of a saiyan?

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  • How do gods view forms of a saiyan?

    Like what do forms like ssj god mean when there’s forms like Ssj blue,true ssj blue and MUI? How do these forms stack against a god of destruction? The gods say ssj god is a power of a god...but by how much? We know it’s not enough to beat one.

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    They view god and blue as someone who just broke into a godly level of power in general. MUI is viewed as peak or above the level of a god


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      That’s true but that level could also be reached through base or SSJ if one train enough. Like if ssj god clash with beerus like that from the start what can it do now?

      i just wonder how goku and vegeta. Forms states against beerus now.

      Like they
      ssj 2
      ssj 3
      ssj god
      ssj blue
      ssj blue KKx 10
      saj blue KKx 20/True ssj blue

      ik a god of destruction is strong but we never know how strong.

      I feel like true ssj blue and ssj blue KKx20 is starching a god of destruction full power. Maybe like 85-90%. MUI and broly Lssj I feel is equal or greater then beerus.


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        If we're referring to Gods like Kami, or Shin, they'd react with awe at the power of a base Saiyan. If we're referring to Zamasu, then disgust at SSJB and SSJG for being too strong. Beerus wouldn't care.