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Is the Tournament of Power a speed feat?

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  • Is the Tournament of Power a speed feat?

    The tournament was pretty short in terms of length for at least in-universe. A lot of fighting happened within and yeah, there was some bull crap stuff that wouldn't make sense with time like Jiren's backstory. But do you think the tournament of power with how it is timed and how many fights there are could be used as a speed feat in some way? I always kind of wondered that about Goku vs Frieza too, but that fight made more sense as far as the manga went.

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    Not really. People have managed to splice videos together that just about match up the time if you overlay a lot of the reaction shots so they happen at the same time(no more of cutting to Krillin screaming "Goku!!!") and in general having fights go on at the same time. You'd only have to speed it up a slight bit. Roshi and Krillin's duel in the blink of an eye in the original Dragon Ball is still more impressive.


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      I'm not entirely too sure on that, someone would have to run the numbers on just how many fights there were during the whole thing. And then measuring that against the whole 48 minutes. A lot of fights in real life are ended really quickly as well, not to mention that a lot of time is taken up by talking. We gotta figure out the Fights Per Minute of the whole thing.


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        As Lazer poitned out, in context, it really doesn't work.

        Aside from the frankly magnificent editing of everything... If anything I imagine someone acting in fairly bad feat could probably use this to argue that in fact they're just normal speed, which even for me is clearly downplaying them. Admittedly though I'm just impressed that you can get this sort of thing at all with just a bit of editing considering how you had to speed up the Freeza fight on namek to get it to the right time, especially with how many episodes the tournament itself was.
        Overall, it's pretty clear use of cinematic time I'd say, though the tournament arc in general is really bad at playing up their strength, Anislaza can keep track of everyone using... Sonar. As epic as it is, I wouldn't consider anything here a real feat on it's own regarding speed, and certainly nothing beyond what they've already accomplished in term of feats.

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          The final Ultra Instinct fight taking place in like a minute or so is a speed feat though, but not really anything particularly special either.


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            Nah, I wouldn't say so; It's just shoddy pacing. Another example of it's type would be Freeza and Goku's infamous 5 minute duel. Or for an example outside of DB on a whole, the palace invasion of Huntah Huntah which took 30 episodes in the span of about an hour.


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              The way I see it, 20+ minutes to us is about 1 minute for them.

              Kefla remained fused for around a minute or so in universe, but around 20+ or so minutes for us. She has a higher power than Vegito Blue who last for just a few minutes at best, in real time for us, so in universe for them, he was fussed for likely a minute or so at best.

              But it doesn't matter in any case, they are already faster than light by at least 1,000x in Super and faster than light in Kai, reaction and combat speed wise and sub-relativastic at best with traveling speed in post-Buu saga in Z and after.


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                No, not at all. Most of the length is attributed to showing things sequentially, that are happening simultaneously In-Universe.


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                  there is a video on youtube of the entire ToP in real time. cut backstory and most background bull, put up many fights at the same time, some much faster, some slower and it seems more natural. like mui goku was only a few seconds.
                  just look at frieza vs goku 5 minutes battle which was a gajillion episodes. as you know, real time dragon ball is much different that tv show time.
                  so no, but it was mostly an endurance and durability feat. only an android with infinite energy survived.


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                    Not really. It's especially worth considering that most fighters wouldn't even be using their full speed for 48 minutes straight.

                    Time/Speed in DB in general is something best looked at with an open mind. I mean apparently Krillin and Roshi can do multiple actions at once that the audience can't keep track of, yet Goten vs Trunks is followable by normal humans. 5 minutes of Gotenks being SSj3 also had much less fighting than 5 minutes of Goku vs Freeza, despite the fact Gotenks vs Boo would logically be able to fit far more fighting in a shorter time.