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Thoughts on Black and Zamasu.

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  • Thoughts on Black and Zamasu.

    So I was thinking about why blacks hair was pink and I know the explanation given in the manga, however I'm not to keen on the idea for how vague it is. So I was thinking again and I've come up with a new idea on it.

    black is a God of destruction while zamasu became the Supreme kai.

    we see with beerus, champa, Cidra, and Toppo that destruction energy in followed by a purple and pinkish aura with quite the power boost.

    we know zamasu story was about him becoming a Supreme kai, which he eventually does, when he kills gowasu. We also know they killed all the kais so the gods would stay out of their way. But I also think when the first zamasu took gokus body he decided to become a God of destruction, and this prompts the second zamasu to become his supreme kai connection as well as become immortal so what they did to the last gods does not happen to them. This would also explain why Immortal zamasu was so protective of his black counter part because they share one life.

    so I think when he became a God of destruction, it's the destruction energy that gives Black his pink hair instead of blue, and why a body taken from goku before obtaining god powers surpassed the modern goku we saw, but was not quite the average God of destruction level or even Destruction Toppo level.

    so that's what I think zamasu and black did, I think one took up the mantle of supreme kai and the other god of Destruction since the two titles require the others attachment. That's why I think blacks aura and hair was the way it was, as well as the two having near identical ki signatures but still diffrent (could also have to do with gokus body)

    now you might ask about the angel connection and the blacks lack of useing Hawaii. Well we see in the ToP that the angels are not actually connected to the gods like the gods and kais are. They just kinda look over things, and do what they want when there gods are no more. As for black not using any Hakai energy, I think this one is simple as well, he is simply a moron lol, he never learned how to properly use the Hakai energy, so he simply only got the power boost. Beerus, champa, and Toppo have all been taught how to be a destroyer, and how to use the destruction energy by either the angels or gods before themy. The zamasus killed off their only way of learning how to use the power they stole. That's not saying they could never learn how on their own, it's just they never needed to until it was too late.

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    I find them much more interesting than Kefla, Caulifa, Kale, and Jiren for sure.


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      I just wish black could return because it was the best arc in the series. Had me thinking it was going DBZ for alot of the time.
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        I liked Black, but I was just okay with Zamasu, despite them being the same character but to me, they kind of seem different. I just liked that we got a real-ish Evil Goku in the main story, I do think it would've been more interesting had it been really Goku though.