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Would Dragon Ball Super been better if it happened after the ten year time skip?

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    Originally posted by Pointer View Post
    i personally believe that super already retconned the time skip ending. well how could kid buu level still relevant after everything in super

    makes no sense.

    with super a huge chunk of that time skip is retconned.

    only pan and uub remain thats it
    Tbf Super gave us Good Boo reaching god tier in 2 hours of "training" with Mr Satan throwing rocks at him. Imagine what kind of potential the reincarnation of Kid Boo would have.

    Also, Boo Saga levels of power SHOULD still be very relevant in terms of abnormally high power in a universe but Super really makes it feel like Boo levels of power are easily attained by everyone and anyone, which kind of makes Freeza, Cell and Boo being universal threats silly.

    Super's placement bothers me far less than the minimal effort going into scaling that makes sense with past material.


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      Originally posted by highwaysaiyan View Post
      its important to tell the story of how they got to that point before telling the story of what happened after.
      No, it's not, whatever happened if important can be dealt with flashbacks while they deliver an actual continuity, that would also minimize the mess of inconsistencies that is DBS.
      Originally posted by highwaysaiyan View Post
      we dont know why or how in the blue hell goku decided he wants to be a teacher or where would he take uub. how did he even know of his existence.
      He doesn't actually wanted to become a teacher, that was an excuse to feed his fighting necessities, Toriyama let that clear with Vegeta's comment.

      Goku needed Uub, he was years waiting for Uub to grow up enough to have a fun fight, he spent years without challenge, without exciting fights, that's why he wanted to face against Uub so bad, DBS damaged that story, it doesn't fit.

      ​​​​​​​Also, Goku said Enma Kaiō did him a favor reincarnation for Uub, due to Goku's dialogue when about to give Buu the final blow.